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RIFT 3.6 - Celebration of the Ascended

With 3.6 launching tomorrow I wanted to touch on some of the bigger items that are coming with tomorrow's patch. Remember that 3.6 is rolling out in multiple phases - and what's listed below is not to be taken as complete patch notes. It's more or less a condensed version of the patch notes with possibly some more details of what I found interesting.

Ascended Soul Pack

For the ascended living under a rock, the Ascended Soul Pack will be coming out with 5 new souls (one for each spec) in 3.6. 

The Ascended Soul Pack will cost $34.99 / €34.99 / £26.99 at launch and will not be available to purchase with credits from the start. With the launch of this new soul pack, the previous two (Dream and Storm Legion) soul packs are getting a price reduction to 3,750 Credits and 3000 Credits respectively. 

Celebration of the Ascended

With 3.6 comes the five year RIFT anniversary and the Carnival. It looks like this year we have some new additions to look forward to such as:

  • A Carnival-themed Instant Adventure. 
  • New Artifact sets. It sounds like these new artifacts will present themselves in the form of a frog, though. I'm not sure if it will require killing the frog or if there will just be a reactive when you get near it or how that will work specifically. 
  • There will be six new Raid Rifts in Shimmersand. It sounds like these raid rifts are going to be story driven and bring back some of the bosses that we have defeated in the past. 
  • There seems to be some new rewards in the World Event store as well that you can earn through participating in the events and exchanging tickets or glass beads, or of course you could just buy items with credits. 
  • Good news for you wardrobe fanatics out there - there's wings! Well... they're capes. But they look like wings! They are to be had in the World Event section of the store, I'm not sure if they'll be around after the Carnival or not. 
  • I spent a bit of time on the carnival games and they are quite fun this year. 
                             Defiant Wings                                    Guardian Wings
                                         Defiant Wings                                                                      Guardian Wings

Other Noteworthy Changes/Additions:

These are in no particular order, but I still feel like they're worth mentioning. 

Patron Only Monthly Quest

  • A new patron only quest which you can do once per month and grants you a "free" piece of Tier 3. I say "free" since you still have to do dungeons, warfronts, instant adventures, zone events, etc to collect "500 Exceptional Sparkles".
  • The quest giver is Komencas in Tempest Bay located near the Plaza @ 12958, 11580.


Friends List Changes

  • There's been some changes made to friends lists in that you can now only have 200 friends on your list at any time. Friends lists that are larger than that will not be modified but you are not able to add additional friends unless you reduce your list down to below 200. There are apparent performance issues with users that have large friends lists, hence the change. 
  • To help with the burden, they've added /exportfriendslist which creates an XML dump of your current friends list (so you can go through it later when you're recreating your friends list) and /clearfriendslist which empties your friends list completely. 
  • When you ignore a player, the player is now ignored on their entire account. So if you ignore one random person, that means they can't go on an alt and continue to harass you. Wow, it really is celebration of the Ascended. 

New Tier of Planar Attunement

  • Nature, Cinder, Storm, Steam, Dusk and Dust attunement tiers have had another tier added to each of them. With the new addition the Planar Attunement cap was been increased from 1427 to 1709. 

Bigger Vaults now Available

  • Out of bag and bank space and no more vault slots to buy? You can now double the size of your vault for 990 credits. This only applies to one vault at a time and you can not extend your shard vault size. 
  • If you've got the nightmare tide edition or ultimate edition which unlocks the vault for you, that one has automatically been doubled in size at no cost. 

PVP Changes (Level 65)

  • AoE Absorbs and AoE Healing have been reduced by 15%.
  • Global Healing has been reduced by 25%.
  • Ranged Damage has been reduced by 10%.
  • Warmonger Weapons now cost less Warmonger Marks. Two handed weapons are down to 16 Warmonger Marks from 24. 1H/Offhand/Ranged weapons are down to 8 Warmonger Marks from 12. 

Daily Reward Calendar

  • There is a new daily reward calendar that provides you with a different reward every time you log in up to a maximum of 21 awards per month. It resets on the beginning of a new calendar month. 
  • I feel like the idea behind doing 21 rewards vs 30/31 is so it does not pressure people to feel like they have to login literally every day in order to make their way through the calendar. 
  • This does not impact daily login rewards from your item claim.

Let me know if you feel like I missed out on any of the bigger items. Like I said at the start, this wasn't meant to be "patch notes" and verbatim list every change, just more or less a condensed version of the stuff that I found was important or noteworthy.

Keep in mind that 3.6 will be rolling out in phases, and we will be seeing a new Intrepid Adventure (Mind of Madness) as well as a new 10 man T3 raid (Comet of Ahnket) and much more over the course of its release.

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