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I’m sure if you raid, you’ll know of or are currently using King Boss Mods. I can’t say enough good things about KBM (King Boss Mods), and as such it’s long overdue to get a feature spot on RiftScene’s Featured Addons.

If you are planning on raiding and you haven’t used KBM – I seriously suggest you check it out. For most people – they can install it, set and forget, and move on with their lives. However – for other people there’s tons of options to config in order to place things wherever you’d like, hide alerts you don’t need, and much much more.


What does KBM do so well?

    • Enrage timers, spell timers, timers! It does timers very well. Unless you’re at the bleeding edge in Raiding, then KBM should have you covered in all things timers. You’ll know when the next hard hitting spell is, or wipe/stack/whatever mechanic.
    • Phase Monitors – you’ll always know what phase you’re in and depending on mechanics and such, KBM is aware and will stop timing mechanics that are no longer relevant and start tracking the new ones relevant to the new phase.
    • Screen Alerts – If you get something on you that’s bad – your screen will flash! If there’s something you need to pay attention to, your screen will flash! KBM uses an intelligent color coating system that will flash different colors based on the mechanic that is being used – and eventually you won’t even have to think what the colors or flashes mean.
    • Mechanic Spy – You’ll always know what is being cast on who, as KBM has a nice little window telling you who has what on them and for how long.
    • Ready Check Monitor – See who’s ready – who in your raid does or does not have vials, powerstones/whetstones, etc.
    • Add Spy – an optional add-on to KBM that will track all hostile NPCs in the raid.
    • Records – keep track of your kills, wipes, and bests.


It does a ton more, but those are my favorite key features. My one criticism of KBM is I find that people do rely on it heavier than they should – but that isn’t the addons fault. It’s helped many raids cruise through many encounters in it’s time – and I hope it continues to do that in the coming future.

Please follow @KMBossMods on Twitter, and download and share it with your friends and let them know how amazing this addon is.

Download from Curse or RiftUI.


  • http://www.facebook.com/psnart Paul Snart

    Thanks for the spotlight! I enjoyed the read. Nice site too :) (KBM Author)

    Edit: I love the banner btw, nice touch.

    • http://www.riftscene.com/ Qube

      Thanks for checking it out. For an add on as comprehensive as KBM is – it’s the least I can do!

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