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RIFT 3.6 - Celebration of the Ascended

RIFT 3.6 - Celebration of the Ascended

With 3.6 launching tomorrow I wanted to touch on some of the bigger items that are coming with tomorrow's patch. Remember that 3.6 is rolling out in multiple phases - and what's listed below is not to be taken as complete patch notes. It's more or less a condensed version of the patch notes with possibly some more details of what I found interesting.

Ascended Soul Pack

For the ascended living under a rock, the Ascended Soul Pack will be coming out with 5 new souls (one for each spec) in 3.6. 

The Ascended Soul Pack will cost $34.99 / €34.99 / £26.99 /  4725 Credits at launch. With the launch of this new soul pack, the previous two (Dream and Storm Legion) soul packs are getting a price reduction to 3,750 Credits and 3000 Credits respectively. 

Click through for more information on Patch 3.6 celebration of the Ascended. 

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