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Learning RIFT for WoW Players

Learning RIFT for WoW Players

This is a series that I've wanted to do for awhile. Mainly just being able to give MMO players a way to draw some comparisons or highlight some differences between the MMO they are most familiar with and RIFT. 

I will start with World of Warcraft since it's likely the most common and at the very least the one MMO that most people are familiar with. This is meant to be a quick rundown - it is not meant to go into an insane amount of detail. If I'm wrong or you think I'm missing something obvious, please point it out and I'll update it. 


WoW = Rift:

  • Reputation = Notoriety
  • Talent Trees = Soul Trees
  • Hearthstone = Soul Recall
  • WoW Token = REX (kind of)
  • Cloak = Cape
  • Battlegrounds = Warfronts
  • Subscriber = Patron
  • Heroic = NTE = Expert Dungeon
  • iLvl = Hit
  • Pets = Companions

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