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RIFTscene turned back on for Prime!

RIFTscene turned back on for Prime!

I have went ahead and re-enabled RIFTScene for the launch of prime, but mostly for the old articles/guides that are/were relevant for back in the 50-60 days.Please note you'll find that on the archive over at:

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RIFTScene - Soft Relaunch!

RIFTScene - Soft Relaunch!

The rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

When I returned to RIFT (albeit much more casually than I had played back in Vanilla and Storm Legion) there was already a good ecosystem with Khortish regularly updating RiftGrate and the forums being (mostly) active. I just kept making sure the best in slot was functional, updating it for Primalist and things. (Granted the weights are mostly out of date - happy to take any updated ones if you can provide). I didn't really see a reason to revive the news/guide section of RiftScene. 

That said, re-building RiftScene (on a whole other CMS) has been something I've been working on for the better part of a year off and on. I always find reasons to procrastinate and "do it tomorrow", but I figured let's get this out there and get the ball rolling. This is very much a soft launch and I'll do a much larger launch (with contests and prizes) once I get a bit more content on here. 

I contemplated importing a lot of the old content, but instead I'm going to just keep the old content (mostly) intact at Most of it is out of date, but for what is still relevant we may reference some posts here and there or import them over time to the new system. All old URL's should be redirecting properly to the archived content. 

The best in slot / item database is a little more complicated. I am currently working on getting that to be it's own thing as well, but that is now hosted at and the links will also redirect as they should. It will still be kept up to date and everything like it has in the past, I just wanted to refresh RiftScene one portion at a time. 

What to expect from RiftScene going forward:

I'm not going to try to make RiftScene the all for one place for information. I tried that the first time around and even when we were at our peak in terms of amount of contributors and readers we could not accomplish that goal. Contribution in RIFT (as you all likely know) is at a fairly low point right now, so it would just be too much to take on. Instead we're going to try to take the content as we can get it. If we get players who want to contribute, we'll happily be a vessel whether it's them posting the content here or us simply linking to it and letting our community know it exists. 

All that being said - if you want to contribute content (whether on this website or elsewhere that we can link to) feel free to reach out to me at qube "at" and I'm happy to work with as many people that want to contribute. 

We got a few things in the wood work right now so expect at least some interesting content in the coming weeks.

TL; DR: RiftScene is posting new shit again.