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Raid: Mount Sharax

Bulf is the first encounter in Mount Sharax and he is a cat of 4 lives. You must kill him 4 different times, each time his torment increases. His difficulty rating is 5/10 due to the simplistic fight but quick cleanses that need to be rotated. This is a two phase fight.

Boss Information

  • Health: 59.6 million for first 3, 77.5 million for last
  • Enrage timer: 7.5 mins
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • DPS Requirement: 570K

Raid Setup

  • 2 Tanks
  • 2 ST Healers
  • 2 Tank Healers
  • 1 Bard/Oracle
  • 1 Archon/Beastmaster
  • 12 ST DPS

Phase 1: Bulfs 1-3

Boss Mechanics

General Mechanics
Freezing Winds: Large swirling blue AoE that move around during the fight. Avoid this. Causes Howling Storm.
Howling Storm: Applied by Freezing Winds. Causes movement speed to be reduced by 20% per stack. At 5 stacks freezes the player.
Insidious Whispers: Stacking debuff on players. Cleanse this.
Void Link: Puts a damage sharing link on random players and the tank (Center of the Void). Cleanse this.

The two adds standing above will be throwing boulders at the raid. Spread to avoid damage.

Bulf 1:

Bleeding: Swap mechanic. Stacking debuff on tank. Swap at 3-4 stacks. The debuff applies a DoT that does massive damage.

Bulf 2:

He will no longer cast Bleeding. No tank swap required from this point on.

Concussive Force: Stuns. Raid-wide debuff. Cleanse this.

Whispers of Chaos: Damage to 5 random raid members. One shots players with Concussive Force.

Bulf 3:

Small blue AoE bubble: Casts a small blue AoE on a random player. After a couple seconds an ice shard hits the area. Move out.

Cosmic Infusion: Buff cast on one of the Sharax Berzerkers.

Sever Reality:  Bleeding applies a debuff reducing maximum health by 1% per stack. Cleanse this.

Adds will start spawning. The offtank should pick them up. The smash the ground around them. Tank away from the raid and avoid. Focus the boss.

There is a break (20s)between the third and fourth Bulf. Try to DPS down some of the adds during this time if possible.

Phase 1 Strategy

Have your raid stand on the edge rocks to the left on the ground. Make SURE no one is on the rocks before your pull or they will be locked out. Don't stack, but stay close together, running out of bad things when necessary. Assign your healers to groups to cleanse, rotating between 1 and 2. If every healer uses their AOE cleanse the first time, you can't cleanse the second round.

Phase 2: The Last Bulf (Strategy included)

The last Bulf spawns, as well as a lot of adds There is a large AoE zone/bubble (blizzard) that basically cuts the encounter area in half (you can't miss it). Applies Reality Tear to everything inside. Reduces max HP by 10% per stack.  Have 1 tank assigned to picking up adds, and another for picking up Bulf when he spawns. The tank should stay outside the AOE while the adds are inside. Once Bulf spawns, DPS should focus solely on him and ignore the adds. There will be 4 Freezing Winds up now (They increase by 1 per Bulf. See Above). Once the last Bulf hits 10% HP he will start running towards the middle of the room. If he is not killed within this time he will wipe the raid. Tank him near the edge of the encounter to make the dps check easier.


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