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Drekanoth of Fate

Raid: Rhen of Fate

The Drekanoth of Fate if the third encounter in the Rhen of Fate. This guide will walk you through both the normal and hard mode versions of the encounter.

Boss Information

Health: 98.5M (12 Jan 2015) / (HM pending verification)

Enrage: 8 Minutes

Difficulty: 6/10

DPS Requirement: 205.2K / (HM Pending Verification) Raid DPS

Raid Setup

  • 1 Tank
  • 1 ST Healer
  • 1 Raid Healer
  • 1 Bard/Oracle
  • 1 Archon
  • 5 DPS

** A Raid Healer can solo heal this with enough practice, allowing you to add another DPS.

Phase 1

Boss Mechanics

Doom: Tank intercept mechanic. The player will be one shot if the tank does not use his intercept ability in him/her.

Particle Pulse: Channeled attack on the tank. Use a CD if you can. 

Beams:  These can be ignored after nerf. No significant consequences. Just try to stay out of them as standing in them too long can kill you.

Zone of Death: Small frontal cone attack, looks like a red pizza slice. Don't stand in the red. 

Zone of Life: Small "safe" area You have 5 seconds to get inside. Looks exactly opposite of Zone of Death. Rest of the area is red. Don't stand in the red. 

Chains of Fate: 3 players get blue circles underneath them, and blue beams connecting them. Players need to run together to remove this. Players crossing through the beams will cause damage to the tethered players. Anyone not connected by the beams needs to move out of the way and let the players connected converge. This can be ignored by everyone stacking on the tank. This also makes Zone of Life/Death a simple left/right/stay movement. During portals you would stack in front of the active World Collapser to avoid it.

Portal Phase:
The boss will start casting Collapsing Worlds. 2-3 players need to enter the portals and click on the "dragon motes/eggs" inside before the adds reach them. Any add that reaches a mote will spawn outside the portal and leave a trail of purple aoe on the ground.
Non-portal players need to DPS the active World Collapser before the boss can be engaged again.You have 30 seconds to destroy the World Collapser (7 million HP). If you fail, the raid will wipe. If you fail to kick over an egg, an add will spawn (1 million HP). Kill him ASAP. He will leave blue AOE bubbles that will start killing players. Tank and Healer (and possibly 1 support) should be the portal players. The raid should not take any damage during this. The tank needs to retaunt the boss to establish aggro.

Phase 2

Boss Mechanics

At this point, the raid needs to stack under the boss and burn him down. There will be fire line running back and forth from the boss. You need to avoid these at all costs. He doesn't inherit any of his mechanics from before except for Zone of Death, Chains, and Zone of Life. He also adds a new mechanic.

Scorching Light: After the last World Collapser is destroyed, the boss will begin to cast this peridoically. It's a large yellow AoE bubble. A pillar/beacon spawns with pulsing blue around it. LoS the boss behind this pillar. You have approx 7 seconds to get behind the pillar. Anyone not LoSing the boss will be one shot.

Hard Mode

Tank Swap: There is a tank swap mechanic on Hard Mode. You need to swap on 3 stacks (Will update with the debuff name). The debuff will apply a DoT on the tank, so the healer needs to be aware of both tanks' health bars at all times.

Troll Pillar: There are now 2 pillars that spawn during the scorching light phase, one with a crystal and one without. The one WITHOUT the crystal is the pillar you need to hide behind. The other one will kill you. 

Other than that, here are some other differences you should be aware of:

  • Particle Pulse does more Damage.
  • Chains of Fate hurts. A lot.
  • Beams do more damage and should be avoided.
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