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Raid: Rhen of Fate

Finric is the final encounter in the Rhen of Fate. This guide will walk you through both the normal and hard mode versions of the encounter.

Boss Information

Health: 138.2M (12 Jan 2016) / (HM numbers pending review)

Enrage timer: 8 minutes

Difficulty: 8/10 

DPS Requirement: 287.9K / (HM numbers pending review) Raid DPS

Raid Setup

  • 2 Tanks
  • 1 ST Healer
  • 1 Raid Healer
  • 1 Bard/Oracle
  • 1 Archon
  • 4 ST DPS

Before the Pull

Trash Mobs

There are some trash mobs we need to deal with before we pull the boss. The easiest way to kill them quickly and without dying is to stack behind the pillar to the left of the stairs and have the tank pull them there. This way, people don't get pulled out by Blast.

Absorption Vat Activation

 There is an absorption vat (It looks like a giant tank) that has 6 white lights on the side. There are two of these, one to the right of where Finric is standing, and one in the opposite corner. Go to the one in the opposite corner (Opposite of Finric) and right click on the little vat on the ground to activate it. When you drop off coral (See the mechanics section), you want to try and drop them off at the one to the right of Finric since there is a ground vent beside it (See mechanics section). You also get one free coral on the left side of the room. Kill it and run to the vat to turn it in (Again... Mechanics section).

Phase 1 (100%-20%)

Boss Mechanics

Waterlogged: Tank Debuff. The tank is knocked back when applied. Any additional hits by Finric will kill this tank without serious CDs. It lasts for 1 minute. Tank swap immediately.

Brutal Swell: This is a large AoE ability that starts at the boss and moves outward. Run in and jump over the edge of the ring. if you are in melee (right near the target circle) you can jump just as the cast finishes to avoid the wave. If you fail at this finric will gain a stacking debuff for each person that fails. This debuff allows him to cast Brutal Spray. 

Brutal Spray: This is a very hard hitting AoE ability. 2 casts of Brutal Spray should be survivable for most people, 3 will wipe most raids unless major CD's are used. 4+ will wipe all but the best groups.

Churning Orb: "Finric throws a churning orb at [player]!" This is a cleanse mechanic. The person emoted will get 4 stacks of a debuff, this is a very short duration debuff (less than 5 seconds). All stacks must be cleansed before the debuff expires or a raid debuff will go out that deals significant damage. 

Furious Water: Blue orbs, these spawn in 2 rings around him. The outside ring will be places offset from the inside ring, so the orbs in the outside ring are in the gaps between the orbs in the inside ring. Try to avoid them (They do moderate damage).

Leaping Pain: This ability targets a random player and is what requires the group be spread out. If you get hit and are too close to another player, a chain lightning effect damages others near you. It is important to spread out enough to not chain the damage to other people. 

Red AoE Bubbles: Small red AoE bubbles that explode multiple times after a few seconds. Move out of these. 

Rage of Storms:  "My fury will rain down upon you!" This is a large AoE ability. Small bubbles appear, get in them. The bubbles move around, be sure to move with them. You are immune to the red in the bubbles, but not the waves in phase 2.

Sacrifice:  "The lives of these brutes will heal my wounds!" Finric begins a 50 second channel. 2 add types appear, Skelf adds and Redtooth Coral. Tanks need to pick up the adds and hold them, DPS needs to kill the Redtooth Coral. Killing the coral can give you a 1 min debuff, which can be removed by standing on the glowing yellow vent (see below). You need to turn in 6 of the coral debuffs. This will activate a lever on the big vat next to the vent. Using the lever will trigger Toxic Fumes, which kills the adds and does significant damage to finric. You have about 3-4 seconds after clicking the lever to get on a ground vent or you will die. The debuff grants a speed boost.

Phase 2 (20%-0%)

Finric will not begin a sacrifice phase again, only Bubbles, AOES, and Brutal Swell.

Waves: Blue waves begin moving through the zone. They move back and forth, North/South and East/West. Avoid these waves (while avoiding the other mechanics as well). 

* Note: The waves are a secondary consideration to Swell and Furious Water. The waves do not hit super hard and will not wipe the raid, like the other mechanics can.

Hard Mode

There are no added mechanics on hard mode, but there are some things you should be aware of:

  • Finric is MUCH harder on hard mode, much more so than the other bosses.
  • Waves spawn at 40%, and they have to be avoided as they do 40K a tick, up from 10K.
  • Finric will still do Sacrifice during the waves.
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