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Raid: Mount Sharax

Izkinra is the third encounter in the Assault on Mount Sharax. She is a dragon who takes to the skies to do her fighting.

Boss Information

  • Health: 119.2 Million HP
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Most of this fight is spent on the Warmasters. See their mechanics for their HP..

Raid Setup

  • 3 Tanks
  • 2 ST Healers
  • 2 Raid Healers
  • 1 Bard/Oracle
  • 1 Archon
  • 11 ST DPS


Warmaster Ilwrath Mechanics

Vorpal Strike: Interruptable Cast. This is a one shot mechanic on the tank, and leaves a damage debuff that lasts through death.

Warmaster Shaddoth Mechanics

Armor Sheer: Frontal cone attack. Warlord Ilrath starts the fight with stacks of Armor on him. Armor Sheer will remove stacks of armor if it hits him. Be sure to hit Ilrath with the cone. Also applies a stacking debuff to the mob (and players) that increases damage taken (by up to 4 stacks at 15% increased damage taken per stack). You need to keep this up to make the DPS check easier. You can't miss 2 in a row or it falls off. 

Roar of the Sharax: Causes debris to drop into the encounter area (small purple AoE and 2 large red AoE). The large red AoE zones will have a large rock drop into them, then the AoE bubble turns purple. Stand in the purple to reduce the damage done by The Storm of the Izkinra .

Rending Ice: Rend (bleed) ability that stacks and hits very hard. Shield tanks with rend as much as possible. Tanks will need to swap Warmasters at 3 stacks. Taking a Phys/tact as your second or just as an additional raid healer to deal with this is recommended for progression.

The Storm of the Izkinra: Raid wide AoE damage. Stand in the purple AOEs described in the Roar of The Sharax.

Izkinra Lands

Transition Phase

When each Warmaster dies, it spawns a Living Storm (air elemental). These have large purple bubbles around them. Standing in these you will take minor AoE damage, but it protects you from The Storm of the Izkinra.  During this phase, you need to knock Izkinra down using the large crossbows ("canon duty", see below). You will need to form a bucket brigade line and pass harpoons from a small stash at the bottom of the hill up to the person running the crossbow. You can pass to a player that does not currently have a harpoon and is within 6 meters of you. This is similar to the event in TDQ between the first and second bosses. Have two tanks take one Living Storm each and place them as such that the entire way up is covered by their purple AOE. This ensures that everyone will receive less damage. DPS can whittle the Living Storms down to about 10% before Izkinra comes down. These need to stay alive at least until Izkinra landed or the raid will wipe. Most guilds just ignore them and have a tank hold them at the bottom of the hill once Izkinra lands. The tanks will need close to no healing during this transition which is why the tankhealers should focus on the player inside the crossbow. Izkinra's descent will be emoted by "WOUNDED SCREAM". Once Izkinra lands, all DPS needs to burn her down. 

Canon duty:
The player inside the crossbow will have 2 abilities. The first shoots the harpoon ammunition. This hits Izkinra automatically but needs to be aimed in the general direction of the boss which is flying above. It helps to target her to keep up. The second ability is a damage mitigation which must be used when the boss emotes "VIOLENT ROAR" otherwise the player dies to massive damage.

Landing Phase

Razor Storm: These are red AoE bubbles. Move out of them quickly. Tanks can ignore these.

Heart of the Storm: "Every hair on your body stands on end...". Massive raid damage. Use cooldowns to heal through or stand in the safe spot. There is a spot in the middle of the slope to the left (near the rocks) where you can avoid this damage and still hit the boss. Tanks can ignore this and should always stand in front of Izkinra.

The air near Izkinra condenses to mist: Not sure about this emote, but it's followed by lots of cleansing. 

Bite: Deals damage. Puts a stacking debuff on the tank which reduces healing recieved by 3% per stack. This is a tank swap mechanic. Have the tanks swap at 5-8 stacks. 5 stacks should give the other tank time for their stacks to clear.

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