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Raid: Mount Sharax

Jinoscoth is the second encounter in the Assault on Mount Sharax.

Boss Information

  • Health: 257.5 million 
  • Enrage timer: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: 6/10 
  • DPS Requirement: 860k

Raid Setup

  • 2 Tanks (Can also be done with one to add an extra DPS)
  • 4 Raid Healers (Phys/Tact doesn't work very well here)
  • 1 Bard/Oracle
  • 1 Archon (Harbchon is a good choice)
  • 12 ST DPS

Single Phase Fight

Boss Mechanics

Chilling Breeze: There is a cone shaped safe zone in front of him. The rest of the area will kill you if you stand in it. 

Iced: Interruptable cast. Will one shot the tank if not interrupted. 

Frost Bulwark: Interruptable cast. Does massive damage to the raid and buffs Jino, giving him a shield and making everyone get faster stacks of Bone Chill. Failed interrupt leads to a raid wipe in most cases. 

Living Ice: Emote "[player] is being chased by a ball of living ice." Debuff on random player. That player has 3 seconds to run to the outside (back of the cone) to drop a blue AoE. Wasting as little space as possible stacking these up is critical for progression groups

Bone Chill: Stacking DoT on all players. You can run into the yellow circle on the ground to remove the stacks. This should be done at 4 stacks. However this requires the boss to be turned so the yellow circle is inside the safe zone which is not the usual strategy anymore.

Yellow Crystal: Throughout the fight, a large yellow crystal will spawn and move toward the raid. When it touches a player, it freezes them in an Ice Sculpture. If this is not intercepted, it gives Jinoscoth the same buff as Frost Bulwark. 

Sapping Cold: Debuff on the tank. Single target healing received will cause Jinoscoth to heal by 10 times the amount healed (includes overhealing). Just make sure you are not using ST healers as the tank damage is not too high.


Assign a player (usually 2nd tank) to be the sacrificial sheep. Once a yellow crystal spawns the player will run inside and die. This will prevent the crystal from reaching Jinoscoth but also prevent a Bone Chill reset. Bone Chill can be healed through even at 10 stacks. Take extra healers (4-5) total to deal with this.  Everyone except for the healers (and maybe Bard, depending on your setup) should be stacked up in melee. The healers will stand in the back of the cone catching Living Ice and dropping it near the edge of the encounter. It is critical that there are always at least 5 people in the back, otherwise Living Ice will spawn inside the group. Have the healers rez the sheep as soon as it dies. You will need 4-5 rezzes for the entire fight which should be reserved for just this purpose.  Due to Sapping Cold any single healing will heal the boss. The tank can survive without a dedicated tank healer. This is also why Phys/tact is not recommended and Wardens need to adjust their playstyle. The tank may use the cancelbuff macro provided below to guarantee as little Sapping Cold healing as possible.Note: If this strategy does not work for your raid treat Sapping Cold as a tank swap mechanic and kill the Ice Sculpture to have Bone Chill reset.

Kalerts and Macros


cancelbuff Foul Growth

cancelbuff Healing Spray

cancelbuff Soothing Stream

KA:Mount Sharx- Jinoscoth-Iced:aR5RIeNqzNrQOsS7ISaxMLdIr­SSxKTy2xNgGKuAGhZ3Jq irW1gbUhmGcAhNmOOalFJdaZuYnpqcUxjqVFibom­hnopKcXW5uYm1sZGQGwBxUBd1s6ufiGuQSCW IRgaG4BNhgqDeWZgk90AfPglWA

Living ice:
KA:Mount Sharx- Jinoscoth-Living ice:aa1VkeNotjcEKwjAQRH/FL9CkxQTZm9pCQQ2­U7S 0QYhploaRig9C/dyMycxjewAxIQHhNfo1vKLFlXe­hD6bnpQoQ0pwiCm8IFq6dHhrPPfmeHzvo7TZ RXR2FOi6UUKEcnpPPbcVxAVxKU1nBQxRWvmAHhaB­DN9dTcsOkZsctuvecDhD+uBWf1u2y/GPAv7A

Frost Bulwark:
KA:Mount Sharx- Jinoscoth-Frost Bulwark:aJzXoeNqzNrR2sy7ISaxMLdIrSSxKTy2­xNrE OAYoBYVF+cYmCU2lOeWJRtrW1gbUhWNgACLMdc1K­LSqwzcxPTU4tjHEuLEnVNDPVSUoqtLYwsrE0 sLa2NTM0gGKjLxsbTL8Q1KDQgxM7O2tkVxAaKAhH­IKFMDsHVQYWMQzwxsixsAaNIsUg

Sapping Cold
KA:Mount Sharx- Jinoscoth-Sapping Cold:azxYreNotjc0KwjAQhF/FJ6j9tciepLbgRU­sb 8RKQtUl1oSTB5NK3d1Nk5jB8AzOQgQC34Kq/EGPH­GtE5Mu9dYxcFxhoNKXexSVkDzQHOGHAv7xeJ L1oorE+arPFy+iAZb2eadJEo5aEuj1CVOdSbs6Ti­ofFx6kHc+qa9inZgwI7DRcoPAv44rzgfts/u B+OyMTA

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