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Oonta, Hidrac, and Weyloz

Raid: Rhen of Fate

The Skelf Council is the second encounter in The Rhen of Fate. This guide will cover both the normal and hard mode versions of this encounter.

Boss Information

Health: 36.1 Million Each

Enrage Timer: 6 Minutes

Difficulty: 4/10

DPS Requirement: 170K

Raid Setup

  • 1 Tank (2 tank method is possible)
  • 1 ST Healer
  • 2 Raid Healers (Can be done with 1)
  • 1 Bard
  • 1 Archon/Harbchon
  • 4 ST DPS

This setup can vary greatly depending on your raid. Find what works for you.

Boss Mechanics

Mania: Buff on the bosses that stack. Cleansed with Syphoning orbs.

Comrades Near/Apart: Buff on the active bosses, deals heavy raid damage if tanked too close or far apart (depending on the buff). During Comrades Near, the bosses need to be tanked close together. During Comrades Apart, they need to be tanked away from each other. This mechanic can be ignored depending on raid heals (That's why I suggested 1 tank).

Bulwark of Stone/Iron: Buff on active bosses. One will get Bulwark of Stone, the other will get Bulwark of Iron. Players will get a corresponding debuff, Chosen of Stone or Chosen of Iron. Players must attack the boss with the corresponding Buff or each hit will damage the player around 30k. (This mechanic can be ignored depedning on raid heals. It doesn't hit nearly as hard as it used to).

Syphoning Orb: Emote "A Syphoning Orb has appeared." A purple orb spawns, and one player (usually bard) needs to find the purple orb, run over it, then run into the boss that is not going to be swapped next (you have 15 seconds). This will reduce the stacks of Mania by 4. If ignoring all of the other mechanics, have the support run to the boss you want to burn first.
Mania Syphon: Purple circle in the back. The boss in the circle will have stacks of Mania removed over time. Again, this can be ignored depending on heals.

You can stack on the tank in the middle and burn one boss at a time, starting on Oonta or Hidrac. If you are doing this, make sure you are stacked. You need the tank's guard.

Hard Mode

There are no added mechanics in hard mode, but there are some things you should know.

  • The boss coming off of the platform will now cleave. Tank needs to turn him away from the raid
  • The bosses have more HP and deal more damage
  • There are no syphoning orbs spawning.
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