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Raid: Rhen of Fate

Ungolok is the first encounter in the Rhen of Fate. This guide will walk you through both the normal and hard mode versions of the encounter.

Boss Information

Health: 71.5M (06 Mar 2016) / HM 89.4M (06 Nov 2015)

Enrage: 7 Minutes

Difficulty: 5/10

DPS Requirement: 170.2K / HM 212.9K Raid DPS

Raid Setup

  • 1 Tank
  • 1 ST Healer
  • 1 Raid Healer
  • 1 Bard/Oracle
  • 1 Archon
  • 1 Defiler (Optional; but add DPS in his place)
  • 4 ST DPS

Phase 1 (100%-30%)

Boss Mechanics

Ink Blast: "Ungolok prepares an Ink Blast". This is a rear cone attack, the tank needs to turn the boss to face the raid, then turn him back around.

Hydro Jet: Frontal cleave. This happens a few seconds after Ink Blast, so the tank needs to turn Ungolok away from the raid right after Ink Blast. 

Fatal Current: 2 large red AoE circles placed on random raid members. These bubbles will blow up after a couple seconds, and will deal significant damage if you are inside. Move out immedeatly.

Venomous Barb: DoT placed on a random player that stacks regularly, dealing increasing damage per stack. Killing a "Mindless Spawning" add will remove it. See Add Mechanics below.

Building Pressure: At the end of this cast, the boss will cast "Pressure Blast" 3 times in a row. You must open the Gump Cages around the room (left, right, and behind the boss as you enter the room) to reduce the damage of Pressure Blast. Open one cage during each cast of Pressure Blast (1st cage can be opened during Building Pressure cast). If this is not done properly, the damage from Pressure Blast will wipe the raid. Usually the bard opens 1st and 3rd cage and the tank the 2nd. Ungolok loses interest: If the tank moves too far from melee range, the boss will attack a random player. The tank needs to taunt the boss back and re-establish aggro.

General Tips: 

Do not TAB-target during the entire fight. Chances are you'll target an unwanted add. This is especially harmful to progression groups.

Do not stand directly in front of the cages at the beginning and during the Building Pressure phase. You will be kicked into the cage and not be able to leave. 

Add Mechanics

Mindless Spawning:
1 million Health
Applies a stacking DoT to the target. DPS needs to kill quickly when pulled
Upon death, cleanses Venomus Barb (Raid should group close to the add for this)
Pull spawnling at 4-5 stacks for progression groups; more when you're more confident. Usually done by the tank or the bard.

Captive Terror:
1.5 million Health
Spawns during Building Pressure/Pressure Blast
 Ability: Puncture Heart: Will one-shot the tank unless interrupted. 
Must be aggroed by the tank once spawned. DPS kill ASAP

Phase 2 (30%-0%)

Boss Mechanics

The boss inherits all mechanics from the previous phase, plus an additional one.

Ungolok Glares: "Ungolok glares at [Player]". A massive AOE will be put on the player. He needs to run away from the group and the group needs to run away from him; anyone who is not the player in the AOE will be one shot. Ungolok will charge at the player with the AOE and do approx. 65K or so damage. You can have the player with the AOE run back against the lock out wall and have everyone else run forward.

Hard Mode

There are no new mechanics in hard mode, but there are some things you should be aware of:

  • Fatal Current and the Glare mechanic are now close to one shot if not a one shot.
  • The adds, shark, and the boss do heavy tank damage.
  • Pressure Burst does approx. 60K on Hard Mode, up from 35K on Normal Mode.
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