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Raid: Mount Sharax

The Yrlwalach (Yogurt as some people refer to him) is the fourth encounter in the Assault on Mount Sharax

Boss Information

  • Health: 378.3 Million
  • Enrage: 8 Minutes (soft)
  • DPS: 55K Per Person
  • Difficulty: 5/10 (Lots of personal responsibility)

Raid Setup

  • 1 Tank
  • 1 ST Healer
  • 2 Raid Healers
  • 1 Bard/Oracle
  • 1 Archon
  • 14 ST DPS

Single Phase Fight

Boss Mechanics

When Infinity Stares Back: You need to turn away before reaching 10 stacks or you will be mind controlled. This mechanic can be completely ignored if you complete the first quest in Tyrant’s Throne (It takes five minutes. Go do it). It’s the first quest when you port in. You will get the achievement [Psquid Psychiatry] and will be immune to this mechanic if you kill one of the jellyfish in the area around the tear (You can only see the jellyfish if you have the achievement).

Smash: Cleave with a 2 second cast to the front or the back. Stack on his left foot for minimal movement from left to right to avoid cleaves. The hitbox is part of the AOE. Avoid charging. Tanks can survive cleaves with cooldowns.

The Contained Depths: The player this is cast on becomes snared and cannot use any abilities (DO. NOT. USE. ANY. BREAK. FREE. EFFECTS). With this AOE, you are immune to the cleaves. You need to run to the back of the raid and drop it off with the provided reactive. Dropping on the raid will wipe. ANY break free effects, teleports or sprints will cause to drop this, so don’t use them and make sure your macros do not contain them.

Rippling infinity: Everyone needs to stack on the tank and DPS the boss’s maw. During this phase, the whole raid gets a debuff that reduces their movement speed by 2% and ability range by 1 meter. This debuff stacks and does damage each tick. Use Break Free to dispel it at 8 stacks. This phase happens at 66% and 33%. The boss gets really angry.

Add Mechanics

Corrupting Presence: A player will receive the debuff “Unbounded Consciousness”, which will force that person’s view into first person and replace their ability bar with one ability called “Grip of Reality”. You must channel this on the Corrupting Presence (4s). Only the player with the debuff can see and channel the presence. While the presence is hidden, the raid will get a debuff that deals damage that increases over time. It will be removed when the presence is revealed. You are NOT immune to cleaves looking for the presence. Wait until the next Cleave to avoid dying during the channel. Do not channel already revealed presences. They need to be picked up by the tank.


Most raids have the tank pull the Yrlwalach a certain way and have their DPS/healers stack on his foot. This is how you ensure you won't be in the center of a smash. You may be in on, but you can run out in 2 seconds time. The raid does not need to wait for calls to move. They have to be watching, as 2 seconds in not long enough for someone to call and everyone make it out in time. That's really it. Drop the AOES well behind the raid, and remember to stack on the tank and DPS the maw down.


Rippling Infinity:

KA:MS-Yrlwalach-Rippling Infinity:a8l6teNo1jkELgkAUhP9Kv6BWJSHmVr­ngoQTZboJsu


Tail Smash:
KA:MS-Yrlwalach-Tail Smash:a+o/weNqzNrQOsS7ISaxMLdIrSSxKTy2xN­gGKuAFhSGJmjkJw

The Contained Depths:
KA:MS-Yrlwalach-The Contained Depths:a3rUJeNotjsEKgzAQRH/FL2hTFaXsyWqE­QluLpD

Unbounded Consciousness:
KA:MS-Yrlwalach-Unbounded Consciousness:aYDYieNotjssOgjAQRX8FfkALI­mpmJw9lIU2

When Infinity Stares Back:
KA:MS-Yrlwalach-When Infinity Stares Back:adxF+eNotjc0KgzAQhF/FJ2hj/aFlbrYKH

When Infinity Stares Back 8stacks:
KA:MS-Yrlwalach-When Infinity Stares Back8stacls:a9sVbeNotTsEOgjAU+5X9gGbgQJ

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