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Cleric Tanking in Storm Legion (2.2)

In case you hastily clicked on the Cleric tanking thread while looking for the BIS list for gear and lessers, here’s the link that you really want.  Feel free to read the tanking guide when you get done looking at the BIS list.

Cleric Tanking BIS Gear/Lesser List

First thing’s first… Tanking crafted gear.

The following gear are items that you’ll want to have crafted if you plan on tanking.  You can potentially use blue augments if you’re hurting for plat, but since a tank can make/break a raid, I would personally just suck it up and spend the money on the good stuff… it will make your life much easier.  All of the crafted gear for tanking (with  the best augments,) will be used well into tanking the raid encounters.

Crafted Gear:

Tanking Helmet

Tanking Belt  

Tanking Rings

Tanking Seal

Remember that as a tank, gear effectiveness is calculated via the amount of effective health points (eHP,) it gives.  Just because a piece has better armor or block or endurance than another piece, doesn’t mean it’s better.  Dodge/Parry scaling is still inferior to block, and is also granted in smaller quantities than block is, which is really a double insult.  The toughest decision when upgrading gear is going to be the weighing the amount of endurance versus the amount of wisdom/block a piece gives.…

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Latest Discovered Items

Peerless Thalasite Halberd
Bind On Pickup
Two Handed
Damage per Second: 858.70
1803-3350 damage every 3.0 seconds
3 Meter Range
Strength +539
Dexterity +331
Endurance +368
Attack Power +203
Hit Bonus +250
Equip: Grants A Chance For Your Damaging Critical Hits To Deal An Additional 0 To 0 Water Damage.
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Peerless Thalasite Halberd

Exquisite Spaulders Of Celestial Saints
Planar Bane [0/2]

(2) Increases Damage Done To Creatures From Rifts By 5%.

Armor +7715
Intelligence +163
Wisdom +197
Endurance +144
Spell Power +112
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Warrior,Cleric
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Exquisite Spaulders Of Celestia...

Shadestone Of The Twilight Grasp
Bind On Equip
Intelligence +73
Wisdom +85
Endurance +115
Dodge +76
Death Resist +130
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
20 18
Shadestone Of The Twilight Gras...

Dreamcatcher Of The Sinister Hold
Bind On Equip
Intelligence +66
Wisdom +75
Endurance +83
Dodge +66
Death Resist +108
Requires Level: 62
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
20 18
Dreamcatcher Of The Sinister Ho...

Dreamcatcher Of The Crestfallen Witch
Bind On Equip
Intelligence +28
Wisdom +23
Endurance +20
Spell Crit +36
Death Resist +33
Requires Level: 51
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 301)
20 18
Dreamcatcher Of The Crestfallen...

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