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61 Ranger / 12 Assassin / 3 Nightblade

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.4 Raiding/PVE.

The spec: 61 Ranger / 12 Assassin / 3 Nightblade

This is a high DPS spec and great range spec over 61 Marksman if you do not need the purge or interrupt. It does have its own 10 second interrupt though if absolutely necessary, say for Salvora in Grim Awakening for main or backup interrupts.

Synergy Crystals:

Gilded Ranger Crystal
T’Scain’s Ranger Crystal


#show Shadow Fire
cast Shadow Fire
cast Quick Shot


Twin Shot
Head Shot

This is not a macro. These will be on 2 separate key binds of yours. You can read more about these finishers in the rotation below.

Feral Aggression + Animalism:

#show Animalism
cast Feral Aggression
cast Animalism
cast Twin Shot

You will want to use these pretty much on every cooldown which means when the time is right. For example, do not use it at the start of the fight until Flaring Power is up (usually right away, ask your Mage/Archon). If you are not putting up Flaring Power right away, depending on the fight, then it will be safe to use it of course.…

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61 Assassin / 10 Marksman / 5 Nightblade

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.4 Raiding/PVE.

The spec: 61 Assassin / 10 Marksman / 5 Nightblade

There is another build that floats around and that you may come across, 61 Assassin / 9 Marksman / 6 Ranger but that build is not as good and this one will be ahead in the end when done properly.

If you have not played a melee spec or assassin before, carefully read through everything especially all of the information I have said under the rotation.

If you have any questions about anything below feel free to make a comment and I will reply to you as soon as possible. I will continue to update this guide over time, rather it be rewording or adding more information, tips and so forth. There is a lot of information already here, and there might be slightly more somewhere that could be added.

Synergy Crystals:

Gilded Assassin Crystal
T’Scain’s Assassin Crystal


#show Backstab
cast Backstab
cast Savage Strike
cast Serpent Strike
cast Swift Shot

I recommend taking Serpent Strike out of the macro and maintaining it yourself on a separate key.…

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40 Marksman / 36 Ranger – Hybrid

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.2 Storm Legion and Raiding.

This spec still works, however with updates to Marksman and other specs, you will perform more DPS with those such as 61 Marksman and so forth over this spec. I recommend those over this now.

Link to build: 40 Marksman / 36 Ranger
Link to build if you are going to be on Interrupt duty: 40 Marksman / 36 Ranger

For the past few weeks I have been constantly testing different hybrid builds, after many many hours of testing I have come to the conclusion that the above spec is the best and top DPS spec you can have for a hybrid. You lose Hasten Call in both of these builds which is not a total loss and a DPS increase as long as things go smooth. You should be able to manage your pet quite well so it does not die (though it could still happen), there are only a few bosses where it might die, has a chance to die or not die often.…

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61 Marksman / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.4 Storm Legion and Raiding.

The spec: 61 Marksman / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade

This is a high DPS spec for raiding (not the highest) but at the same time in a lot of the current raids this will be necessary for Purging or Interrupts and will work out just fine.

This spec will work in PVP as well, it is not tweaked for it but it will do just fine if you do not have enough role slots or just happen to not care what you use.…

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1.11 51 Bladedancer / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade

This spec is designed for RIFT 1.11.

The spec: 51 Bladedancer / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade
(ZAM has not updated Counterbalance yet, make sure you go 2/2)

There are no macros for this spec. While you could make a macro, it will end up being a DPS loss due to how RIFT’s macro system works.

This is a quite decent Single Target and great AOE melee (only) spec to use now. You will do higher AOE damage with a Saboteur build but if your raid needs the Single Target DPS with AOE then this could be the build to try out.

This spec may or may not be fun for you to play, if you find it hard to play, do not find it fun or not parsing high for you then I would recommend trying Nightblade instead.…

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Aegis Of The Unbroken
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Endurance +163
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Aegis Of The Unbroken

Harrowing Axe Of Voidness
One Handed Axe
One Handed
Damage per Second: 588.80
989-1837 damage every 2.4 seconds
3 Meter Range
Greater Dexterity Boost [0/2]

(2) Increases Dexterity By 2%.

Strength +151
Dexterity +171
Endurance +207
Block +265
Hit Bonus +100
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Warrior,Rogue
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Harrowing Axe Of Voidness

Dreamcatcher Of Esoteric Illusions
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Wisdom +2
Endurance +2
Spell Power +1
Death Resist +2
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Runebreakable (Runebreaking 1)
2 34
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Intelligence +29
Wisdom +42
Endurance +24
Spell Crit +57
Death Resist +47
Requires Level: 57
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 301)
20 18
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Warlord's Faesource
Bind On Pickup
Intelligence +45
Endurance +75
Spell Power +44
Life Resist +73
Requires Level: 60
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Warlord's Faesource

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