Void Knight Tank Guide – 2.6

Warrior Tank posted by RoughRaptors

The Builds:

The soul trees and some tooltips on Riftscene are NOT accurate. The point spread IS accurate, just copy it over and you will be running the right build, the tooltips are simply wrong.

This spec is my personal favorite and is heavy dps as well with the (semi-complicated) rotation is explained below.

A second sidenote to this spec, do NOT use it on Crucia as you have about a 99% chance of wiping the raid during mind control. If you do use it on Crucia, make sure you can do the entire final platform in one mind control phase and you do not get mind controlled. The other tank must take Crucia first, and then you take over. Crucia must die before her second mind control happens.



    • Fusion of Flesh : Use when needed (almost dead or expecting a big hit) A shield for 75% of your max hp (OGCD)
    • Power Shield : Use when expecting a big hit. A 20% mitigation boost for 4s, 30s CD (OGCD)


    • Spark : Single Target Taunt
    • Airburst : AOE Taunt
    • Void Summon : AOE taunt/pull/root, amazing ability for dungeons
    • Rift Summon : ST taunt/pull/root, again, amazing for dungeons


    • Blood Fever : Keep this up 100% of the time —
    • Aggressive Block : Keep this up 100% of the time. (if 0 paladin)
    • Reckless Strike : This hits HARD with 10 pacts, main builder
    • Shock Pulse : Ranged builder, use when running in (if you know you can keep agro) so you don’t need discharge and waste 3 pacts of precious mitigation
    • Discharge : Ranged builder (uses pacts, lots of damage)
    • Void Storm : AOE semi-ranged builder (uses pacts, lots of damage)
    • Tempest : AOE builder
    • Ragestorm : AOE builder
    • Ravaging Strike : Use as an armor debuff every 15s if your raid does not have one



    • Devouring Blow : Main finisher, great damage at 10 pacts
    • Unstable Reaction : High damage 6 second channel, very nice to gain pacts extremely quick
    • Rift Reversal : Reflects the next 3 spells
    • Devouring Shield : Absorb shield, good if you don’t need damage and want an extra ~2k shield every 3 AP


    • Shock Burst : AOE silence
    • Shock : ST ranged silence
    • Spellbreaker : Self cleanse of a curse, gain 1 pact, 15% magic mitigation for 2 seconds (use on cooldown when available)
    • Spell Sunder : Purge the enemy, gain 1 pact. You can also purge nothing and gain 1 pact, but with 61vk this isn’t really necessary at the rate of which you gain pacts.
    • Rift Shield : Good for wasting pacts and absorbing some big hits (OGCD)
    • Protective Shield : Good for wasting pacts and absorbing some big hits (OGCD)
    • Spell Destruction : AOE purge/cleanse 1 min CD


    • Crest of the Abyss
    • Accord of the Rift
    • Unstable Void
    • Binding of Affliction
    • Enhanced Conductivity (if 0 tempest)

Macro: (if 0 tempest)

Reckless Strike:

What to do for max mitigation:

Keep up Aggressive Block and Blood Fever , then spam  Reckless Strike to get AP (or Tempest / Ragestorm ( Void Storm if AOE). It’s up to you what to do when you get 3 AP, either use Devouring Shield , or Devouring Blow , although the shield is very unwhelming. Discharge / Shock Pulse at range. If you are aoeing, use Unstable Reaction , otherwise stick with Devouring Blow . You can also use  Unstable Reaction to gain pacts very quickly. It’s very efficient to use Power Shield and then Unstable Reaction immediately after to regain your pacts and keep your mitigation up.

When pulling large groups, use Void Summon as it’s incredibly efficient as a root/taunt/pull.

What to do for max DPS!!

I struck out the text below because it was the old rotation, I’m keeping it in case things are changed again as I don’t believe VK is where it should be in terms of DPS (too high).

To pull, use a 3 point Unstable Reaction and as of 2.3.7 using Discharge in your rotation is a net DPS loss. It does slightly more damage than Reckless Strike , but the three pact loss is a DPS loss from Destructive Forces . So basically all you need to do now is one less thing than listed below:

To get 3 AP as soon as possible pop Spark (taunt gives one AP, use it wisely and with common sense!). Then get to 3 AP with Reckless Strike and your finisher. If you are energy starved, you should use should be  Unstable Reaction due to it being extremely high dps and a channel for energy regen. Otherwise, finish with  Devouring Blow . That’s the bulk of the rotation, Spark on CD (when not at 3 AP), Reckless Strike to get to 3 AP, and then one of the two finishers.

One last and final trick, is when at 10 pacts AND not being a target of the mob AND  at 2 AP, hit Protective Shield which will grant you 3 AP over 6 seconds and then use Unstable Reaction (you will be immediately be put at 3 AP). You get 2 free AP for a faster  Devouring Blow and the benefit of Unstable Reaction ‘s dps as used earlier. You can also use this defensively if you pop Protective Shield and Power Shield at the same time, then use Unstable Reaction to get most of your pacts back.

Remember, don’t taunt when you’re not the current tank! This is best suited for a solo tank fight, a fight where it will not matter if the boss goes taunt immune, or a fight where you can predict when to stop taunting to allow the taunt immune to wear off.

Alright so here is where things can get complicated, as Discharge uses pacts, which is both mitigation and DPS, but it does more DPS than Reckless Strike , including the Destructive Forces part of it

Hit Retaliation on cooldown.

Pull with Discharge

Reckless Strike ->  Reckless Strike -> Devouring Blow

Threat should be completely established with these four abilities. If you are the only tank on that target, use  Spark and Discharge on cooldown, followed by  Reckless Strike to fill in the AP gaps and finish with a three point Devouring Blow

If you are not the only tank on the boss, use Discharge on cooldown and follow it with  Reckless Strike to get to three AP, and as before, finish with a three point Devouring Blow . If you are not the only tank on the fight AND you are not being hit, use a three point Unstable Reaction , as this is more DPS than  Devouring Blow when not being hit. If you get hit while channeling Unstable Reaction , you will suffer pushback which reduces your DPS

One last and final trick, is when at 10 pacts AND not being a target of the mob AND  at 2 AP, hit Protective Shield which will grant you 3 AP over 6 seconds and then immediately use Unstable Reaction . You get free AP for a faster  Devouring Blow and the benefit of Unstable Reaction ‘s dps.


Here is the math for all three of the main tank specs, use this to possibly determine what spec you want and when to use it. (Hopefully these are correct…updated for 2.5)

VK – 61 VK / 15 Reaver / 0 Paladin
3% block
10% non-spell mit
27% spell mit
15% resist
19% armor
25% endurance
10% incoming healing
5% hit reduction


Paladin – 61 Paladin / 15 Reaver / 0 Void Knight
11% block
3% block damage reduction
16% non-spell mit
27% spell mit
15% resist
11% armor
25% endurance
9% threat bonus
5% hit reduction


Reaver 61 Reaver / 15 Void Knight / 0 Paladin
3% block
11% non-spell mit
35% spell mit
21% resist
13% armor
25% endurance
5% incoming healing
5% hit reduction


Hybrid 38 Reaver / 38 Void Knight / 0 Paladin
3% block
10% non-spell mit
39% spell mit
21% resist
19% armor
20% endurance
5% hit reduction

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbarns321 Joshua Barnhart

    Thank you so much. Love the amount of detail you go into with these. I especially like how I can mouse over and read the ability since I am often doing this at work where I can’t play. Love your guides. Keep up the amazing work RR.


    • RoughRaptors

      Thanks ;-) . My DPS guides aren’t too great, but tanking is what I know and love (especially all the max DPS rotations for tanking itself, which I finally revealed)

      • http://www.facebook.com/jbarns321 Joshua Barnhart

        Can’t wait to play around with more of those DPS builds. I, never worried much about all the dps abilities I had until I was more comfortable with experts. Just kept focusing on staying alive instead of seeing what my dps could reach. Let the fun begin now.

  • Musicman

    RR, What is so special about the Matriarch spec? Is it Necessary?

    • RoughRaptors

      Sorry, I was out of town. No it’s not necessary, you lose quite a bit of HP which is surprisingly not needed for this fight and gain 6% mitigation from non-melee attacks. Meaning that you are going to be taking 6% less damage from Matriarch at all times due to the Tempest passive. With how slow she hits, it’s easy to heal through so the 6% mitigation is superior to some HP. Your DPS increases as well because of the passive Tempest boost, and you can use Shock Pulse to further increase your AP, and then you deal 3% more ranged damage as well, which will effect Shock Pulse and Discharge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dleshin Devin Leshin

    Hey RR,
    I’ve been playing a rogue (support) and want a tank warrior as my alt. I don’t want to use a non tank spec to level as I think it’s important to learn the tanking as I go (plus I like doing randoms on the way up). What spec would you recommend to start out with? The #2 above? I ask bc often guides are at level cap and Im more concerned with while levelling (and any tips for levelling order?) thank you so much!

  • Nilla

    So should I just use discharge in my regular rotation by implementing it into a macro like



    Reckless Strike

    Shock Pulse

    Or should I put Discharge on a separate macro and only use it with 10 pacts?

    • RoughRaptors

      That’s really up to you, it’s doable either way I’d say to leave it on a separate keybind because if for some reason you run low on pacts you won’t want to be using Discharge. I generally don’t use it unless I am at 5 pacts or above. Another reason to not macro it is because you might possibly need it at any time to generate snap agro on something from range, and that’s your best bet (Childe on Matriarch). Generally this isn’t needed because you can expect something like this to happen, but you never know.

      So yeah, you can do it with very little issue, but there’s rare occasions where you wouldn’t want to have it macroed.

  • Brian Luedtke

    When choosing tank items, what is the stat priority for a VK? For a Paladin, I’m assuming block is top priority, followed by armor, then endurance. Is it the same for a VK?

    • RoughRaptors

      Endurance is king in every spec. If you can get more endurance, get endurance. Rune endurance, breathe endurance. Then comes strength (it gives block, parry, and AP), then block, then dex, then dodge/parry.

      You’re going to have to know how much to get though. Obviously an item with 5 less endurance and 80 more block is going to be better, just due to the sheer amount of block. But weight it accordingly and it should be fine. According to the BiS list, endurance is rated at ~24, while the second highest is strength at ~15. You can rate how much you want per item based on that. Speaking of that though, you can just go off the BiS list and pick your items that way if you wish. Link up top and below:


  • Luceous

    I’m surprised no one asked, so here it is:


    The Guilded Void Knight Crystal’s 4 set bonus seems…oddly worded. First of all, what does it actually do, and secondly, is it worth it?

    • RoughRaptors

      You pretty much only want the VK crystal for the 70 endurance and the 500 extra damage (the epic crystal).

      It basically just does what it says it does, every time you pop one of your person shields, it adds and extra 400 to that value, except for Rift Shield it only applies once instead of 3 times.

      The absorb is negligible to say the very least. You rarely use any shielding in VK because it’s scaled so horribly. If you need to waste GCDs on shielding yourself, you are better off running Paladin.

  • kagemitsu

    This build leaves me kinda power starved after a little while. : Also, the mitigation doesn’t seem that good… I keep getting wrecked (at 400 toughness and 48k health in experts). I suppose I’m playing this horribly wrong.

    • RoughRaptors

      I’ve seen people with less HP use this build just fine, it could be your healers. The VK mitigation is less than Paladin, but the 10% healing increase makes up for it.

      You really shouldn’t be energy starved unless you are going all out and using my dps rotation without weaving in unstable reaction. Especially if you have a bard/chloro.

  • Luceous

    I’ll post my comment here, since this is my favorite spec, but this applies to all 2.3 Reaver-flavored specs.

    I’m concerned about complication and skill value. Now that Reaver is included in all three tank specs (if going for mitigation), we now have Blood Fever and Ravaging Strike to work into our “refresh every 15 seconds” rotation, which already included Aggressive Block (and Light’s Benediction for Paladins). VK went from having one refresh ability per 15 to three. This becomes scary to manage when you’re looking at AOE fights where Blood Fever and Ravaging Strike have to be spread to be useful (and only Reavers can do that). That means that BF and RS are single-target-only for us.

    I suppose that RS is of arguable usefulness, so we may just end up ignoring it, but both it and all the other abilities I’m mentioning here do not have cooldowns and so must be put on their own buttons or paired with abilities that cooldown first.

    What to do? This pushes my keys out of comfort areas (one for single target, one for AOE).

    • RoughRaptors

      Sorry for the late response…I really wish I would be notified when I got a reply to a guide.

      Basically yeah, we have a ton more responsibility now and with that comes extra buttons. Utilize as many keybinds as possible and do your best is my only advice. I run with ~30 buttons, almost everyone single one is hotkeyed to something.

  • Vex

    Hey RoughRaptors, many thanks for your work! Well done!
    I´ve reactivated my account since a couple of days. May it´s possible to get your macros as well?

    Thx Vex

    • RoughRaptors

      The only tank macro for Void Knight I use is Reckless Strike + Shock Pulse (assuming 0 point tempest), there is very, very little you can macro.

  • Katie

    Maybe I am missing something, I just reactivated my account and found this very helpful, but Aggressive Block requires a paladin spec, right? I specced my character as shown above, and aggressive block isn’t listed anywhere in my abilities book. I have tried googling to no avail, so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    • RoughRaptors

      It should be listed under Paladin, it’s a 0 point ability.

      • Katie

        Figured it out, I had to change the 3rd soul, but I didn’t know how earlier. The preset doesn’t give the correct ones. Silly mistake. I appreciate it, thank you.

        • RoughRaptors

          No problem ;-)

  • Al L

    Is soul feast that bad of a talent? I guess its just not worth it unless the dots are spread?

    • RoughRaptors

      Even in 61 Reaver Soul Feast heals for such a small amount it can be ignored. Definitely don’t bother with it if you’re only 15 into Reaver.

  • Vud

    Is the 61 VK/ 7 Paladin/ 8 Tempest more interresting than the Hybrid 38 Reaver / 38 Void Knight / 0 Paladin for the Matriarch ?

    • RoughRaptors

      38/38 will be more effective in terms of mitigation, but less DPS. I prefer VK for Matriarch because you can use Void/Rift Summon on the adds as a taunt

  • Ryan M

    I’m wanting to set up a spec for tanking just in case I need to and I was looking at the VK/WL/Pally build, (the 2h note caught my eye, lol). Any suggestions on the rotation for that one, or is it pretty much the same, minus the Reaver abilities?

    • RoughRaptors

      Yeah, the 2H build is the same rotation just without Blood Fever. It’s surprisingly not much more DPS, maybe 1000. I never use it anymore.

      • Ryan M

        Ok, thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.

  • sciner

    just got most of the gear with infinity stone and trying to get more to upgrade. in the mean time is there a set block % to aim for ? currently only able to get 30%

    • RoughRaptors

      Just get as much Endurance as possible, block is an “off-stat”.

      • sciner

        ok at about 40k right now just had a healer having a hard time healing me. so just wondered if there is sometihng im missing

        • RoughRaptors

          Possibly, make sure to have your reps done so you have good essences, get good runes as well. That’s very important for your HP.

  • Cr00cy

    Hi, Im not 60 yet and im leveling using hybrid RV/VK. I rly like it so i was thinking about staying with it. Would i be able to tank everything in this spec? Or there are bosses that will need different spec?

    • RoughRaptors

      You can tank almost everything with 61 VK. The only things I don’t use VK 61 for are: Crucia, Volan, and Abominus.

  • TankerSpanker

    I like this spec a lot. So, thank you for that. I am, however, having problems with holding agro. What is the best rotation to maximize threat? Or is there some stat that effects hate? Please help.

    • RoughRaptors

      It’s pretty much what it says for maximum mitigation, for ST just spam reckless strike and devouring blow, if you need AOE you can use tempest, ragestorm, or unstable reaction.

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