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Progenitor Saetos – Hardmode Strategy/Guide

Health and Kill Order:

Arebus- 9.1 Million HP (activates Hard Mode)

Juntun – 12.9 Million HP

Rhu’Megar – 12.9 Million HP

Ebassi- 12.9 Million HP + Progenitor Saetos – 12.9 Million HP

Suggested Raid Setup:


The hardmode will be initiated by pulling all minis and killing Arebus first.

New mechanics:

  • Everything hits harder
  • Soul rupture – cast by Progenitor, spread mechanic. Places a purple bubble around 5 raid members at random. Lasts about 5 seconds then explodes. Anyone caught in their purple bubble at the end of the cast will be stunned and take heavy damage. This can be healed through but may cause a one shot due to bounding malevolence and other raid damage occurring at the same time.
  • Ebon Barrier – because you kill Arebus first the remaining 3 minibosses will have ebon barrier. This requires heavy and precise target switching from the raid dps in order to manage and not cause a wipe. They are usually predictable because the ability has a cooldown. Once the minibosses set up an order they will almost always stay conserved to that order throughout the fight.

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Progenitor Saetos – Hard Mode Strategy

This is out of date, please see the more detailed and complete version here.


For anyone who may be working on hard modes, I’m providing a preliminary strategy to the hard modes that I have information on. These may change as more information comes out, but most of the important mechanics are mentioned below – it’s too early to define “the best” strategy on hard modes at this time. If you don’t know Progenitor Saetos’ non hard-mode strat - this likely won’t make sense to you.  Also probably not work attempting if you don’t.

Raid Makeup

The raid makeup doesn’t really change a whole lot.

 Kill order:

Arebus- 9.1 Million HP (activates Hard Mode)

Juntun – 12.9 Million HP

Rhu’Megar 12.9 Million HP

Ebassi- 12.9 Million HP + Progenitor Saetos – 12.9 Million HP


Changed or additional abilities/mechanics:



There aren’t many new mechanics to deal with, really, minus the purple circles that spawn of 4 random people. These people obviously have to get away from anyone near them.

The difficult nature of the fight comes from having to break every mobs shield so the raid doesn’t wipe.…

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Regulos Guide – Strategy

This guide was written by the wonderfully talented sculti from <Game Over>. It was posted originally on the Rift Forums right here - and I have reposted it word for word with his expressed permission. Any thanks for the guides should be saved for scutli – so if you find this to be helpful – head over to the forum thread and let him know your thanks! All words and information are not mine, I’ve only changed and updated the formatting – slightly.

General Information:

Regulos in its current form is one of the few still challenging fights remaining. Because of its design is has a pretty tight enrage since you need to clear a phase in a given time. If you manage that phase you won’t hit hard-enrage.
Also any player-death spawns an additional mob, which can easily lead to more deaths.…

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Kain the Reaper (+Hard Mode) – Strategy

Scroll to bottom for Hard Mode.

General Information:

Kain the Reaper is the 2nd boss in Endless Eclipse. It’s a fairly basic encounter with an intermediate difficulty level and shouldn’t require more than a day or two worth of attempts to figure this one out.

Raid Make Up:…

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Progenitor Saetos – Strategy

General Information

Progenitor Saetos is the first boss in Endless Eclipse. Before you can engage the boss, however, you have to defeat the mini encounter and activate Progenitor Saetos.

The mini encounter isn’t hard once you know what you’re doing.

Mini Encounter Strategy:

When you first run into the room – you’ll notice a blue circle to the right of the entrance into Progenitor Saetos’ room. When you step in it – you gain a buff called “Blending In“. You’ll notice that mobs will start to walk in a very specific path (outlined below). All mobs that pat seems to follow that same path – but you really need to pay attention to Vigilant Beholder’s – they will uncover your disguise and you’ll be killed.…

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Matriarch of Pestilence – Strategy

General Information:

Matriarch of Pestilence is the 3rd boss in Endless Eclipse. Pre 2.2 she was a little more difficult – but has since been “nerfed” a bit to make the fight a bit more manageable. The encounter is a pretty good all around check. You have to have an extremely well rounded raid – good dps, good positioning, good healing, and good awareness. Tanking is kind of important as well …

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Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
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Stoic Hauberk Of Whimsy

Dreamcatcher Of Demented Murmurs
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Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
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