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The Barbershop is officially up to play with on the PTS and with it brings you the ability to essentially revisit the character creation screen of course excluding the ability to select your gender and race.

The Barbershop NPC, Fillipo, greeted me with “Oh my, we absolutely must do something with that hair!” and boy do I ever agree!

You are able to change your facial features, eye color, hair color, hair model, makeup, facial markings and a few others as well as your height. Unfortunately, there are no new colors or hair models. You will have the same hair models that were available for your race when you created the character.

If there is one thing I am jealous of is that my Mathosian doesn’t have the same hair choices are the female High Elf but such is life!

The cost for the basic changes like your hair color were low, about 28g. The more costly changes were your facial features (moving the hand icon to change your jaw/cheekbones) and height changes which averaged to around ~12p per. My first official Barbershop visit was a grand total of 28p (and some change.)

All in all, while there aren’t any new features available for looks, I am satisfied that I no longer have to deal with my character’s awful facial markings and hairdo. You are free to visit the Fillipo as often as you want permitted you have the currency to pay for your changes.

Great job on this Trion, I am really excited for 1.9!

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