Summerfest 2012: The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

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This guide is for the quest for “The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 1.”

Scarwood Reach

  • Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach – While these seems like a simple quest… it’s very frustrating.
  • In order to plan the trees, you have to find 5 of the 11 rare spawns of tree stumps throughout Scarwood. They’re up for around 5 minutes until they’re used and then you’re off to find a new spawn. You will probably get frustrated with the long spawn rates and eventually give up on this. On the PTS, I had only been able to find one and on live? I gave up. I surely do hope that they fix this. In fact, I didn’t even get a screenshot on the PTS, so this quest is using one from a user on the forums.
  • Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach thread on the forum

Moonshade Highlands

  • Swimming With The Fishes
  • Swim through all of the markers in Kelpmere and Acrid Basin without coming up for air.

  • A tip before you make your way out there: You will need to complete this quest by swimming through checkpoints underwater, so you will need to come to it with the ability to breath underwater. There are several options out there for you:
    • If you are a cleric with the ‘Warden’ soul, you can apply the buff Blessing of the Sea which requires 18 points spent. This can be applied to any number of individuals.
    • If you are an apothecary, you can craft Brew of the Abyssal Apprentice although to acquire this recipe, you would have needed to purchase it from the Waves of Madness world event or previously with converted currency.
    • You can equip the Luminescent Conch Shell trinket that was available during the Waves of Madness world event or previously purchased from converted currency.
    • If you are unable to obtain any of the aforementioned, you are not out of luck. Throughout the lake there are Air Vents placed around. You can easily swim to one of them to ‘inhale’ the air. You will then receive a temporary 2 minute buff which will allow you to breath underwater!


  • Creepy Crawlies – Seek out something that is undergrund, squirming, and near flame in Droughtlands.
  • You will going to the Queen’s chamber which can be found beneath Mordant Knolls at exactly 8211, 7316.
  • What you will be looking for are Ant Larvae in Queen’s chamber. You’ll find a couple right in her main lair.

Iron Pine Peaks

  • The Missing MountaineerLocate the missing mountaineer.
  • To find Dhoren, take the trail that leads to the Howling Caves and head west past the caves.
  • Near 3431, 1539 on the ridge, you’ll see a line of torches leading north. Follow these to find Dhoren who paths around 3376, 1455!


  • Deliver Icecream in Shimmersand – Deliver Chef Alo’s Ice Cream to Zerato in Shimmersand before it melts. You will pick up this quest in Iron Pine Peaks (at the south entrance of Chancel of Labors.)
  • As a huge hint: You don’t have to run all the way there. You can teleport and the buff retains!
  • You will want to mark the location of Zerato, Ice Cream Lover, in the Golden Summit. His exact location is at 7697, 7641.


  • Take a Lap Around StillmoorRide to each of the four Scenic Outlooks.
  • You have no time limit and you receive a buff that shows you the waypoints of your destinations!
  • Completing this quest will yield you the achievement “Stillmoor Thoroughbred” for five achievement score.

About Cupcakes

By day I'm a web developer and by night I'm slayin' internet dragons. You may know me in game as 'Cupcakey' which has been my main since I started playing Rift in March 2011. I also used to run Rift Nerd before collaborating on Rift Scene.

  • Ellowen

    Has Blessing of the Sea been removed or something? I can’t find this spell in the warden tree.

    • Cupcakes

      Ah, I am so sorry! This guide is from a year ago, so that ability is no longer in the game :C. However, since this guide was published.. they have extended underwater breathing. You will not need to use any consumables to breath underwater for the Moonshade Highlands Scavenger Quest.

      Also, thanks for commenting; I’ll be editing my guide to take it out :) .

  • Amity@Faeblight

    Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach must have been significantly improved. I found 5 sites, all in close proximity to Keenblade Mill in a matter of minutes, certainly not the expected long camping expedition. I also took a screenshot that may be a little brighter and show the mushrooms better.

    • Cupcakes

      This guide was originally written for Summerfest 2012, so there has definitely been improvements made for all quests! I’ll try to update the text here to notify other people too :) .

  • pantheranoir

    would like to know what port they are talking about for the ice cream one?

    • Cupcakes

      If you check the coordinates out I listed in the post, you’ll see that the best port to take is Fortune’s Shore.

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