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Shard Unification and International Support Coming

Shard Unification and International Support

Announced on the RIFT Community Page, next week we will see the merger and unification of Shards within their regions on Wednesday October 23rd for NA Shards and Thursday, October 24th for EU Shards. This is awesome for us players as it allows us to queue up with more people across the entire shard and complete random dungeons together as well as increase the players available to annihilate each other in Warfronts. This move is also the beginning of a larger plan to enable customers from all over the world to experience the same content together, simultaneously. While one player is seeing everything in French and party member is seeing it all in German, the devs at Trion are very happy and excited about this. Read on for all details posted by dahanese on the RIFT Forums or click the source link for the full post.…

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Conquest: Steppes of Infinity – PTS Testing Oct.18th

Conquest: Steppes of Infinity – Testing this Friday October 18th

Come join Trion’s Devs and players on the PTS as they observe battle ensuing within the newly created Conquest map Steppes of Infinity this Friday, October 18th. Announced by Daglar on the RIFT Dev forums it will be happening at 2:30 PM PST and those that come out and participate will be granted the exlusive title “Savage Tester”. On top of that, if it weren’t enough, testing players will be receiving an unspecified amount of loyalty for their efforts as long as they are beyond the minimum loyalty threshold. The participants will also automatically be entered in a draw to win a choice out of a few premium exclusive mounts including a Ruby Ki-Rin or any Hellbug mount they want.…

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Featured Wardrobes: October 15

Do you have a cool wardrobe that you want featured on the site? Send me an email, [email protected], with a screenshot, the list of items you are wearing, and your character’s name/shard. (If you want it anonymous, I can do that too.)

Comment below and let me know what you think about this week’s wardrobes!…

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Autumn Harvest: October 17th

Autumn Harvest

Come joing the celebration this year during Autumn Harvest starting October 17th and travel Telara collecting mead producing items and sap used to purchase exclusive and rare items only available during the event.

The Harvest Master

Atrophinius returns to his rampage of Mead producing and ghoul performing antics all across Telara with spectral mounts and delicious treats that will last throughout the year. Puppets, ghoul transformations and pumpkin heads return this year as well as essences and rings available through collection of sap.…

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Loot Tables – Up to Date

We’ve been getting a lot of e-mails recently about the loot tables – whether it’s been people providing us information or people asking us where x or y drops. We understand that everyone wants to know where their upgrades come from and as such we’ve been focusing on getting them up to date for the latest raids. They should remain current from now until at least the end of Tier 2 – every time you’ll see a new item discovered and added to the database, it will now include which boss it dropped from. Keep in mind – this doesn’t mean the loot tables are complete – items still have to be discovered and as they are, the loot tables (and our best in slot’s item tooltips) will tell you where they dropped from.

You also may notice that the loot tables contain their upgraded items as well – we didn’t do that previously but this round decided to do that as we sometimes got questions on items that were upgraded versions of their counterpart which dropped from a certain boss.…

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New Conquest: Steppes of Infinity – Daglar Posts Details

Details on Conquest: Steppes of Infinity

Daglar has posted some details outlining how the new Conquest: Steppes of Infinity map will work and how each team gains points by using charges on on the extractors between Fort Brevo and Fort Antapo. The end of the match will see a familiar slaughter of Foci and possible Boss spawn. It should be available on the PTS starting tomorrow and may have other aspects introduced as well as it is developed.

 Originally Posted by Daglar

Shooting for a release some time during 2.5 (but likely not at the initial launch). I’ve pushed the rough draft for this up onto the test branch, that means it will likely be available on Thursday. Objectives in the rough draft: Take charges from Fort Brevo to Fort Antapo (and the reverse) to score points for your team. You must use the charges on one of multiple extractors (non attackable) to gain points – this can be interrupted. This is the only current scoring mechanism, though others may be added as it is iterated on.

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2.4 RIFT Client Improvements

Developing RIFT’s client performance to achieve the best in game quality a player can get is always a top priority for the developers at Trion, in 2.4 they’ve made the most changes on the back end of the game seen since launch. Chris “Aahz” Swiedler, Trion’s Engineering Development Director, has a detailed post on RIFT’s Community page outlining the basics of how the game works on the backend, improvements that have been made, and the increase in performance numbers seen by all players, whether on a beast of a machine or a more basic computer.…

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Wardrobe Contest: Dress The Night Away


THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED AND NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS. Thank you for the overwhelming response and when we wade through the hundreds and hundreds of submissions and narrow it down to 10, you guys will be the first to know!

Like wardrobes? Like Halloween? Like awesome prizes? I have just the thing for you.

Trion and Riftscene have teamed up to bring you an epic wardrobe contest. We are giving away so many amazing prizes, from credits to mounts to the grand prize of having your wardrobe on sale in the Rift Store under your name! Not to mention that if you are one of the ten finalists, your wardrobe will be shown off on Trion’s November 15th Livestream!

So what is this contest all about? Halloween, of course!

How It Works:

  • We are looking for the best Halloween costume or Halloween themed wardrobe that you can come up with. This does not mean you have to go for the obvious (i.e. black and orange outfits or pumpkin heads are not required.) Get creative!

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Latest Discovered Items

Callous Tunic Of Imperial Thought
Leather Armor
Planar Bane [0/2]

(2) Increases Damage Done To Creatures From Rifts By 5%.

Armor +15194
Strength +273
Dexterity +330
Endurance +241
Critical Hit +423
Hit Bonus +150
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Warrior,Cleric,Rogue
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Callous Tunic Of Imperial Thoug...

Nimble Reinforced Gantimite Legplates
Bind On Equip
Armor +1709
Intelligence +38
Wisdom +46
Endurance +53
Dodge +20
Hit Bonus +25
Requires Level: 52
Calling: Warrior,Cleric
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 301)
2 47 92
Nimble Reinforced Gantimite Leg...

Callous Sash Of Mana Storm
Greater Endurance Boost [0/2]

(2) Increases Endurance By 2%.

Armor +6870
Intelligence +248
Wisdom +206
Endurance +182
Spell Power +141
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior,Primalist
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Callous Sash Of Mana Storm

Callous Tassets Of Haunted Time
Plate Armor
Lesser Endurance Boost [0/2]

(2) Increases Endurance By 1%.

Armor +9175
Strength +248
Dexterity +206
Endurance +182
Attack Power +141
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Callous Tassets Of Haunted Time

Callous Signet Of Diamond Spans
Lesser Endurance Boost [0/2]

(2) Increases Endurance By 1%.

Strength +224
Dexterity +186
Endurance +164
Crit Power +213
Resist All +547
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior,Primalist
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Callous Signet Of Diamond Spans

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