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Congratulations to No Quarter on World First Maelforge!

A big congratulations goes out to Ahov and the rest of No Quarter on their longer World First Kill. Congratulations No Quarter. Feel free to wish them a congratulations on the Rift Forum!

Edit 6/7/12: There is currently no kill video available as they will not be releasing anything until after Addiction or Special Olympics down Maelforge–so if you see a video linked elsewhere labeling it as their Maelforge kill, as of today, it is incorrect.

Edit 6/8/12: I have included the kill video for Maelforge that has been made available to us today.

And some of the loot they received:…

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Rift: Storm Legion Livestream of Colossus Volan on Thursday 6/7

On Thursday June 7th, Rift will be livestreaming, via, the colossus Volan from the E3 floor. The presentation will start at 12pm PST (7pm GMT.)

RIFT: Storm Legion will unleash a tempest of new content, enemies, and environments that will forever change Telara – journey with us for a first look as we travel to the outskirts of the Eternal City on the long-lost continent of Brevane, the cradle of civilization.

Time and planar energies have wreaked havoc here – but not as much as the ancient colossus Volan threatens to unleash: Powered by Empyrean Technology this behemoth will crush, break, and obliterate all that stands in his way – and you get to watch it happen!

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Trion trademarks ‘Storm Legion,’ possible Expansion Title

Fellow Rift forum users have been in a flurry after a user noticed that Trion recently trademarked “Storm Legion” as seen in the following database entry in the TARR system. What is the Storm Legion you ask? Well, if you haven’t paid much attention to the lore within Rift, Storm Legion is the Dragon Cult associated with Crucia, the dragon of air, who is currently imprisoned deep within the mountains of Iron Pine Peek. Crucia’s Storm Legion is against the Golden Maw of Laethys as well as Regulos’ cult.

Knowing that little detail and the recent spatter of rumors from PC Gamer about a possible upcoming expansion, there is enough here to put together that the first Rift expansion will possibly be titled “Storm Legion.” To also aid those theories, Trion also have the domain, “”, which has been registered since August 2011, but was just recently updated a week ago (May 15th) according to whois information. Then again a lot of companies prefer to register domains that have keywords that relate to their product so this could prove useless in the end but it is a little nudge towards something!…

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RIFT 1.9 In-Progress Set #2 – 5/29/12

1.9 PTS In-Progress Set #2

  • PTS NOTE: Conquest: Your mentor level will be cleared when entering a Conquest map. Characters cannot Mentor while in Conquest.
  • PTS NOTE: Conquest: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t loot player corpses.
  • PTS NOTE: DPS of PvP Set 5 weapons increased to match PvE counterparts.
  • PTS Note: Focus and Hit added to PvP Set weapons toned down compared to amounts of Focus and Hit on comparable tier PvE weapons.
  • PTS NOTE: Increased minimum Bolstering to rank 36 for Warfronts.

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Aelfwar Costume Available As A Summerfest Reward

If you’ve been unlocky enough to have never acquired the Aelfwar Marauder’s Helm either when it dropped back in August during the Legacy of the Fallen event or find one on the auction house for an extortionate price, well you’re in luck.

The reward vendor for the World Event has had their item rewards updated and there’s a plethora of Life-based items very similar to those from the Legacy of the Fallen. The rewards range from Life-resist based essences, a box that gives you a random Summerfest Companion and… an Aelfwar costume!

You’ll be able to purchase the coveted Aelfwar Marauder’s Helm (although named Aelfwar Helmet for this event), along with other new costume items to match:

  • Aelfwar Helmet (250 Summerfest Badges)
  • Aelfwar Shoulders (250 Summerfest Badges)
  • Aelfwar Tunic (250 Summerfest Badges)
  • Aelfwar Gloves (250 Summerfest Badges)
  • Aelfwar Leggings (250 Summerfest Badges)
  • Aelfwar Boots (250 Summerfest Badges)

So when the event comes live in June, start farming to get to the 1500 Summerfest Badges you’ll need to buy the complete outfit! Of course.. save up for more for the other rewards, which I’ll write up in another post later tonight.…

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World Event Currency Under ‘Currency’ Tab on PTS

How often have you found yourself with over thousands worth of a mixture of various Annual World Event currency? Probably pretty often.. maybe even often enough that you made a bank-alt just to store all of your currency. I know I have my currency spread between a few of my characters, sometimes I even just mail it and let it expire and mail it back again because I have no bag space at all.

Up on the PTS right now, the Annual World Event Currency has been added to the regular Currency tab where your money, Marks, Inscribed and other currency are at. They will no longer be an actual item that will take up space in your bags!

If you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to transfer the currency to your alts, Mortt has stated that you will be able to purchase Vouchers–the same as you would if you were transferring Inscribed Sourcestone. Right now the PTS shows planarite as well for the cost however this will be changed. It will simply just need 1 event currency for 1 voucher (or 25 event currency for a 25 voucher.)

Unfortunately, it looks like this will just be for the Annual-based World Event Currency.…

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Laethys World First Kill by Addicton

If you haven’t been around the forums to see the good news, Addiction, a defiant guild on Laethys (how fitting) is currently the first guild to have killed Laethys. Congratulations on your World First! Another congratulation goes to No Quarter as well! They came up just behind Addiction with their World Second kill.

Fantastic job guys and good luck with Maelforge tomorrow!

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Maelforge To Unlock Saturday w/ Access Regardless Of Laethys Dead or Alive

Decoy has just updated the Infernal Dawn Gate Unlock Dates And Times thread to let us know when Maelforge would be available.

To my surprise, they’re going to be unlocking Maelforge regardless if Laethys has been downed or not (which to date, no one has!) as an incentive.

The next unlock is scheduled for 11am PST on Saturday, May 26, and will grant access to Maelforge, regardless of whether Laethys has been killed yet or not. Consider it an incentive!


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Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
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Exquisite Coif Of Mystic Caretakers
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(2) Increases Damage Done To Creatures From Rifts By 5%.

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Requires Level: 60
Calling: Warrior,Cleric
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
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Arak's Dream Of The Frenetic
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(3) Increases The Damage Of Ethereal Touch By 20%

Intelligence +147
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Endurance +184
Spell Crit +378
Equip: Grants A Chance On Block To Create A Barrier That Absorbs Half Of Incoming Damage For Up To 22931 Damage For 8 Seconds, And Increases Healing Received By 2%.
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior,Primalist
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Arak's Dream Of The Frenetic

Gauntlets Of The Garrison
Bind On Pickup
Armor +2361
Intelligence +57
Wisdom +64
Endurance +78
Block +100
Hit Bonus +53
Requires Level: 60
Calling: Warrior,Cleric
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
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