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Test Ember Isle Underwater Content: Oct. 29th 3PM PST

Apologies for not posting this sooner: MikeD posted on the PTS Forums welcoming players to come and play some of the content that will be opening up underwater just off Ember Isle. This area was previewed within my Underwater Areas post, you can check out the underwater zones to the west of Ember Isle yourself on live now. Tomorrow starting at 3PM PST it will be filled with quests, carnages, Rifts and even a zone event will be spawned sometime during the PTS test.…

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Crafting “Skill Spheres” on PTS Rift Store

Some more new items have made their way onto the PTS version of the Rift Store today. Under “Boosts,” there is a new subcategory for “Crafting” that has 3 new items to go through. A rare “Lesser Skill Sphere,” an epic “Skill Sphere,” and a relic “Greater Skill Sphere.”

So it looks like this will be something that will come in handy for people that want to powerlevel through new professions with a boost! So if you earn 1 skill point per craft, each of the vial would (obviously) boost the skill point earned by 15%, 40%, and 80%. I’d say this would be great if you don’t have a lot of materials to level through and would rather utilize some credits for a boost to power through it a little faster.

Definitely would have loved this when I was doing Runecrafting on my main after I added a new Tradeskill! …

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2.4 Extended Hairstyle Set Preview

Fantastic news for those of you that happened to read over my PTS 2.4 preview and saw that we’d be getting an “Extended Hairstyle Set” in the Rift Store (along with new hair colors and skin tones) but unfortunately, the Barbershop had been unavailable for the last few days and I wasn’t able to get any previews going.

However, Pithos came to the rescue to let us know that the previews “technical mumbo jumbo” had been resolved and that we’d be able to access the Barbershop on the PTS as well as buy the three new items available. So while I was going to spend my credits on the PTS (essentially ‘wasting’ them) to preview the hairstyles (and colors), Pithos also let us know that if you purchase any of the three items on the PTS, they will be associated to your account when 2.4 goes Live. How awesome is that?!…

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“Trophies” section coming to Rift Store soon

Daglar posted on the forums today letting us know that they’re adding a new section to the Rift Store titled “Trophies.” However, despite the “Trophies” name, this is not about trophies to adorn your dimension. This section will contain items that are earned through achievements in-game, for example, like the …

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Two new(ish) 20 man bosses available for testing on PTS!

Looks like Cyzo wants people to start testing some of the new 20 man content as he’s made two bosses available:

The two bosses available this week are Inyr’Kta who will eventually reside in the Plane of Earth but right now has set up shop in a retrofitted Infernal Dawn. The art team is hard at working making a super duper awesome looking raid zone that will blow your minds but it isn’t ready quite yet. The second boss is Volan (phase 1) who is located at an instance’d version of the Infinity Gate. He’s tired of fighting 100 people at a time and has decided to try his hand at 20 man raids instead.

I hopped on to take a look today, and it looks like the Volan encounter is currently broken – though Cyzo said it will be fixed with tomorrow’s PTS hotfix. I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty pumped up for a raid version of Volan. I really hope he’s as big as he is during the event because that’d be the largest raid boss out of any game, bar none.…

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Severed Houndspaw Of The Marauder
Bind On Pickup
Intelligence +78
Wisdom +115
Endurance +144
Crit Power +219
Equip: Gives Your Critical Healing And Absorption Spells A Chance To Heal Up To 3 Nearby Allies For 3807 To 0, And An Additional 380 Health Over 5s.
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Severed Houndspaw Of The Maraud...

Onir's Dream Of The Marauder
Bind On Pickup
Strength +115
Endurance +191
Crit Power +187
Equip: Crits From Single Or Synthesis Target Heals And Absorbs Have A Chance To Absorb Up To 6092 Damage For 8 Seconds. Expiration Heals 609 To 0 Health.
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
Onir's Dream Of The Marauder

Abyssal Champion's Sword Breaker
Bind On Pickup
One Handed Axe
One Handed
Damage per Second: 620.40
1042-1936 damage every 2.4 seconds
3 Meter Range
Strength +149
Dexterity +195
Endurance +224
Block +258
Hit Bonus +125
Requires Level: 65
Calling: Warrior,Rogue
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
5 47 6
Abyssal Champion's Sword Breake...

Stoic Hauberk Of Whimsy
Armor +8082
Intelligence +138
Wisdom +180
Endurance +138
Spell Crit +146
Hit Bonus +53
Requires Level: 63
Calling: Warrior,Cleric
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
4 27 12
Stoic Hauberk Of Whimsy

Dreamcatcher Of Demented Murmurs
Bind On Equip
Intelligence +65
Wisdom +44
Endurance +77
Dodge +39
Death Resist +85
Requires Level: 61
Calling: Rogue,Cleric,Mage,Warrior
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
20 18
Dreamcatcher Of Demented Murmur...

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