2.4 Extended Hairstyle Set Preview

PTS posted by Cupcakes

Fantastic news for those of you that happened to read over my PTS 2.4 preview and saw that we’d be getting an “Extended Hairstyle Set” in the Rift Store (along with new hair colors and skin tones) but unfortunately, the Barbershop had been unavailable for the last few days and I wasn’t able to get any previews going.

However, Pithos came to the rescue to let us know that the previews “technical mumbo jumbo” had been resolved and that we’d be able to access the Barbershop on the PTS as well as buy the three new items available. So while I was going to spend my credits on the PTS (essentially ‘wasting’ them) to preview the hairstyles (and colors), Pithos also let us know that if you purchase any of the three items on the PTS, they will be associated to your account when 2.4 goes Live. How awesome is that?!

So, on to the hairstyles. You’ll notice that I haven’t used the word “new” to describe what we’re receiving. This is not going to give you any new hairstyles. This is, for all intents and purposes, exactly as the item name is as described: extended hairstyles. You will receive 4 hairstyles from each of the four other races that you can use for your character. Yes, I know.. I am just as disappointed as you are, especially considering the cost is 720 credits. I would actually be more content with 400 (100 per hairstyle) but so long as this unlocks it account-wide, then I have no qualms with the initial pricing.

On to the previews! I took some time to get in all of the female races and the four hairstyles that will be made available in the ‘extension set.’ Unfortunately, I was a little lazy when it came to the previews for the male hairstyles, so you can visit Ailene’s screenshot for the male hairstyles.
rift hairstyle previews for 2-4

Also, for those of you wondering if we’ll ever see new hairstyles? The answer is yes!

No brand new ones with this round, but we’ve laid the groundwork to allow for it in the future. Character customization in RIFT has a lot of… baggage it appears with how it was originally set up.

The way it works right now is you can buy a pack that unlocks 4 additional hairstyles per race. The styles available vary by race because some races already had a bunch of the styles available to them.

It is account wide, one time purchase for the unlock. Same deal with the hair colors and skin tones.



Also, good news for those of us that purchased this today on the PTS! No loyalty was rewarded for purchasing it but again, Pithos has come to our rescue:

Yes! Thank you for finding this and reporting it.

This is a good example of why it’s important for us to have credit purchases running and active on PTS. Everyone who purchased an unlock via the barbershop interface and didn’t get any loyalty/fidelity will be given *double* the amount of loyalty they would have normally gotten, as a thank you for finding this problem for us. So if you bought an unlock for 800 credits, which should have given 1600 loyalty but didn’t, you’ll be given 3200 loyalty shortly by our GMs.


About Cupcakes

By day I'm a web developer and by night I'm slayin' internet dragons. You may know me in game as 'Cupcakey' which has been my main since I started playing Rift in March 2011. I also used to run Rift Nerd before collaborating on Rift Scene.

  • blarg

    It’s nice that the groundwork is being set up for future cosmetic options, but it’s very disappointing that there aren’t any *new* hairstyles. Very meh.

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    I actually may REALLY like this for my male Kelari.

  • Rhin

    I’d like the have the hairstyle the hairstylist herself has. Giving us only 4 new ones per race isn’t that much. And they’re charging 800 credits for it, not 720.

    • http://riftnerd.com/ Cupcakes

      Actually, we’re both correct. I listed the patron price which is 720.

  • likalaruku

    I wish they wouldn’t gender lock hair styles. Need more long hair for men & short for women.

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