2.4 Scheduled to be released September 18th!

Reports posted by Qube


That’s right folks –  just a week from today.

The new German CM, Kharon, was a little quick on the draw posting this information to the German forums today:

“War grade beim zuständigen Designer, PvP Dimensionen sind in Arbeit und sehen gut aus. Ab 18.9. gibts Rank 90 Gear im 2.4 Update!”

There he’s talking about PvP enabled Dimensions and mentions the PvP Rank cap increase to 90 will be released September 18th which is part of patch 2.4.

In addition to the above in terms of the PvP Rank cap increase here is some (but not all) of the highlights of the coming patch (next week!):

  • Infinity Gate Raid: 3 bosses
  • Twisted Fae Realm: Atrophinius’ nightmare, reboot of the dungeon
  • New items for expert dungeons to give incentive for raiders to come back and do experts
  • ID chronicle (2 person, 3 bosses): sliver universe Laethys was never killed.
    • Hardmode available, notoriety and marks as rewards.
  • Planebreaker Bastion Raid: 5 bosses
  • New dimension items
  • Chronicle and IG released on 2.4 release, PB a couple weeks later


Since it isn’t really released in an “official” format, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high, though it has been said time and time again that it is coming in September so worst case scenario it would have to be within the next two weeks based on the Wednesday patch cycle.


Source: Rift Forums (German)

Special thanks to our reader bonomaus for tipping us off to the german forum post!

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Raid boss #s – Neat. I guess the Gate raid really *is* just an introduction to the main show (Plane of Earth).

    Chronicles – Hard modes of Chronicles? What is this madness?

  • Kido

    “I just visited the responsible developer, the PvP dimensions are being worked on and are looking great so far. The rank 90 pvp gear is coming at september 18th with the 2.4 update.”

    Thats basicly the statement translated in some semi-proper english. I wouldn’t go so far and say that the dimensions are already in the 2.4 update. I think he just told him the status of the dimensions so far.

    • http://www.riftscene.com/ Qube

      Thanks for clearing that up.

  • alechazed

    the screenshot in the title is absolutely hilarious – google translator in action?

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