New Hellbug mount and Raptr companion coming… soon!

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2013-04-12_171005 During today’s Friday Livestream Extravaganza! for the RIFT Dimensional Thunderdome Elrar gave us a peak at some new companions we’ll be seeing in the future. Not much detail was given on when or how we’ll be able to earn them but I managed to get a decent screenshot of the Hellbug companion. Unfortunately, I was a little late to the party and was unable to get some high quality screenshots of the Raptr companion other than what I grabbed from the Livestream.

raptr companion

As I mentioned above, I am not 100% positive with how the Raptr companion but I can make a safe bet that it will have something to do with the Raptr Rewards that you can earn. Essentially, Raptr is first and foremost a game time and achievement tracking software much like Xfire and Steam (profile stats). It can track hours and achievements from the Xbox 360, PS3, select PC games, Wii games and more. With Rift, it will track the hours you have played when the Rift program is launched using the desktop application. Every time you log hours (and achievements with other games) with Raptr, you have the chance to bump up that game’s tier. The more you play the game, the faster you’ll get bumped up to other tiers.

The highest tier currently available is ‘Elite.’ This is reputation system is especially important as it will unlock various rewards for you in each tier if it’s available. Back in November, Raptr offered up rewards for each of the six tiers that are available. The rewards ranged from a free base copy of Rift for Newbies to the Exotic Spider Mount Spindrel for Elite players.

If you don’t have a Raptr account, I would highly recommend signing up for an account, joining the Rift Community on Raptr and hey, maybe add me as a friend!

Big thanks to Sonoko as well for giving me a link to the icons for the upcoming Hellbug mount, companion and Raptr companion! It looks like the Hellbug mount and companion will be coming in a multitude of colors judging by the five colors seen below. As far as the Raptr goes, I’m not entirely sure if the two icons represent two different companions or if that’s a mount and a companion. I guess we’ll have to keep stalking the Raptr rewards dashboard to see what we have waiting for us!

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  • Voltek

    Yay Hellbug mount!

  • Lefteris

    why different colours ot the hellbug mount and pet icons?
    It will be awesome to have it in many colours!

    • Cupcakes

      Very likely that we’ll see different colors available for the Hellbug mount and companion. As far as the Raptr icons go, I’m not sure if that’s for two companions or a companion and a mount.

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