8 insane casino gambling strategies
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8 insane casino gambling strategies

casino gambling

8 insane casino gambling strategies

Gambling strategies are developed to elevate your chances in the game. In the world of gambling, there are no definite tactics that will secure your win, but strategies will help you go through the process of winning. These strategies are developed by years of understanding the gaming patterns and also depends upon how you apply them. In other words, the more experience you have at the game, the better.

1.Play against the dealer:

This is something you can’t choose but can happen. If you play just against the dealer, your chances of drawing high cards radically increase. Every house has an edge but when it’s just you and the dealer, you will get a fair chance in the cards. As the people draw in, your chances of drawing a high card. If it’s just you on the table, the Pitboss can send other house players from the table to fill up your table but if you get a window, this is the best way.

2.Play two or three outside bets:

When it comes to Roulette, the house edge is higher. This puts you at a disadvantage. You may think betting on single numbers is the safest choice to do but if you want to win, you would think otherwise. Start by playing the safe outside bets –red or black. Odd or even. You can likewise put your bet on 1/3 categories I.e. 1st twelve, 2nd twelve, and 3rd twelve numbers.


3.Max Lines in slot games:

Compared to the traditional slot games, the slot world has changed a lot. There are a lot of paylines to slot machines these days that gives more options to the players. Play maximum paylines in Slot game and don’t go for the minimum.

4.Play Keno:

However, this may not be recommended as a regular gaming session, but playing keno and keeping all the other options intact can turn productive for you. Just keep in mind how much you are supposed to spend in there.

5.Don’t pass:

Craps can be identified as a complex game but at the same time an interesting one. Depending upon you and your likes. However, when it comes to betting, after the Come out roll, the best bet is to Don’t pass.


Though there is no way to determine when a slot machine is due to hot or not, there are things you should consider. One of them is taking a 17-second delay between the spins. This helps when you are stuck and want to change up the game.

7.Play in tournaments:

If you are good at what you do, play in tournaments. The amount you reap is much higher than the initial amount you wager.


Blackjack is the most popular game but the version is not as generous as Spanish 21. The Spanish 21 has better odds than the regular Blackjack games. However, you will need to understand that there is a slight difference between the two.



Casino gaming strategies if employed correctly can turn into a game in your favor but that depends upon how much experience you have of the game. Though there is no direct tactic to win a game, surely strategies help in increasing your chances.

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