Rift 3.0 Souls Leaked and Abilities Detailed.

Reports posted by Qube

I’m just going to start this off by saying that it’s very possible, since it’s pre-released leaked information, that any and all abilities may not be present or will be completely different come when we see them on live. So keeping that in mind: There was an interesting leak of information over the weekend that some users spotted over on Magelo – and they were the new Souls that we’re expecting to see come 3.0. Magelo has since taken them down, but a user on our forums (Kido) was kind enough to provide us with some Imgur links detailing the abilities.

Again, keep in mind – extremely subject (and likely) to change by the time we see any of this on live. I was able to verify that (at this time, anyway) these are all legit abilities and soul names. For the final time, I will stress, that a lot of what you see is likely (read: going) to change.


Would like to thank Kido from our forums for pointing me out to the images, and would also like to thank Primalthirst who provided the screenshots in the first place.

  • Casey Jankowski

    I had been away from RIFT for about a month. Did they give any indication of when 3.0 will be?

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      No, but we can be pretty sure of some things:
      1)Dendrome is the only zone they’re adding between 2.0 and 3.0
      2)I believe they said that there won’t be as many patches between 2.0 and 3.0 (3 so far!), as between 1.0 and 2.0 (11!). I predict we’ll be done around 2.6-2.8.
      3)3.0 seems to be a smaller expansion in size. Not exactly in scope, but it does look like it’ll be less outright work than Storm Legion was.
      4)With the new F2P version of the Frozen Eclipse/raid mark system, we might actually end up with just 2 raid tiers with Storm Legion instead of 3. Not sure though.

      So I predict we’ll get 3.0 by either the end of the year (unlikely, but testing might start), or the first few months of 2014. Summer 2014 latest.

      Basically several-ish months from now. I’d be very surprised if it takes a year, because Dendrome sounds like content that was pushed back long ago and simply added to and polished a ton for 2.3. We’ll be on countdown once 2.4 (Storm Legion Raid Tier 2) lands :) , but we might get a Tier 3 (like Infernal Dawn on Classic Rift) in meantime…

      EDIT: Considering how fast Trion can be with some of these things, it’s still very possible we get this in Winter 2013. Like Storm Legion (air, tempests..), the icey and cold theme of Plane of Water will work well with a November-ish release…
      I mean really – we already have details coming out, a rough feature list, and even soul abilities out in public.
      I think Trion’s plan now, especially with F2P, is to just push out the smaller stuff in hotfixes and content patches whenever they feel like it’s appropriate (instead of strictly every 1-2 months), then focus attention on creating the expansions as pretty much ‘free’ (except parts of new features, and new souls/races/classes) mega-patches.
      One of the devs remarked on a livestream how they might be adding some swimming content before 3.0, possibly to test out how to improve the character movement and camera before the expansion hits.

  • 23tr
  • Thorson

    Personally, I’m not digging the Healing Rogue soul at all. At least, I’m not digging the name of it or the names of the skills. It’s just… odd, and a bit out of place, to be honest. You get these other souls, all with cool, Telarian-sounding names, then you get “Physician” and skills like “Steroid Overdose”. It just seems like they’re trying too hard to be funny, though that may just be me. *shrugs* Just my two cents.

    Also, I’m totally loving the Tank Mage. Too few games tap into that aspect of a Mage, and I think it’s awesome that Rift is doing this. Tank Mages = Most Efficient Tanks if you think about it on a more “Realistic” standpoint. That, and they’re just plain awesome sounding.

  • Molotova

    Cutter would be a better name for the rogue healer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutter_(body_modification)

    • Cyann

      Or Sawbones.

  • trrn

    This is where the ability screenshots came from.


    Reposting because comment was deleted for some reason?

    • http://www.riftscene.com/ Qube

      No comment of yours was deleted, not sure where it went but all comments are e-mailed to me and this was your first regarding the screenshots.

      Thanks for pointing that out, I’m going to update the article to give credit :)

  • Immakai

    Its like they took a poll of the things most unwanted by the community and then said, “Hmm, I have a great idea! LET’S DO THAT!”.

  • Laanshor

    So far I like it: It seems obvious that the Crusader slots in with BM/Arch, so I guess Bard retains it’s ‘unique snowflake’ mojo a while longer. Somewhat disappointed that Liberator isn’t a melee-chloro like I had hoped for (difficult as healing through disconnect might sound, Shamicar needs an heir). A lot of these spells look familiar with new owners but at this stage it feels right for Trion to realize the established roles that each will be replacing and work backwards to add flavor. They have a wealth of time to inject more personality along the lines of SL’s souls.

    Liberator: Earth, Physician: Earth, Arbiter: Air and Water and Crusader: Water and Life. The soul synergy will be interesting assuming the planned move towards hybrid viability goes through … and lasts until 3.0′s launch. And of course that’s if these are legitimate souls, which is central to discussion. My monkey’s face says it all.

  • Nerva

    Really hope this is a sign that Trion is trying to open up more verity in builds, and get away from the 61pt or bust builds we have atm. I guess it all really depends on who the low tier talents/buffs/moves are balanced. Either way I would love to be able to heal if needed as a warrior.

    • moi

      This so much. What use are having 3 different souls if you have to go 61 in a soul and only have 15 points left? they shouldnt make these high point roots so much stronger, to allow for more variety in builds

  • Doug

    Seems all kind of boring to me. You don’t roll a warrior or rogue to heal, you don’t roll a mage to tank, and I’m not sure anyone rolls something to do support. I would rather see a whole new class or just add new roles that would be fun to play. How about DW pistols for rogues, Samauri for Warrior, some kind of Monk class for Clerics, some sort of dragon magic class for mages. These are just off the top of my head, I’m sure Trion could come up with something fun to play. But what they are giving us, is what you can get in the game already with another class, very drab.

    • Paksarra

      I actually rolled a rogue with the express intent of playing bard and tactician and find that role to be fun, and am quite excited about the physician tree, myself. So, yes, there are people who play support out there.

      I also might play a mage with a tank tree added– I hate how frail and squishy casters are in most MMOs, so I haven’t rolled one at all yet.

      • Seeker

        Also rogues can already do well aoe heals they just need the single target healing to do everything and there it is. I like what trion is doing, They are letting you play what you want to play on 1 toon. No need to switch toons to help out on what is needed in the group anymore, That is if people would try these new classes instead of already saying no to them.

    • ostspkdjt

      I completely disagree with you, this is something very new and different, now everyone can play any role and i think thats great, also playing a healer with energy instead of mana will be very interesting

    • geez…

      damn wow boy!

    • Bringbackbabalu

      Sooo wrong. If they didn’t add that versatility, I wouldn’t have stayed with Rift. Having heals, tank, dps spec for every class is the best thing they could have done. Love the versatility. Who wants another boring class thats the same thing. WOw Im so glad the devs dont listen to you!

  • ViRALiC

    These look really interesting!

  • Me

    Here’s a better idea, instead of adding stuff, fix the current stuff, like clerics being nigh unable to heal anything because of crappy heals + BIG hp pools at 50+, rogues being pretty much unable to survive solo pve without tact (or going the boring road of a pet-summoning ranger), mage pyros are still the undisputed 2-shot cannons they’ve always been (not too big of a deal once you get a silence to throw at them)….and a lot more. Also i’ll second what Doug said ;)

  • Dave

    I think the sould name Physician should be changed to Naturalist. It just sounds better. Physician just sounds very hokey for an MMORPG.

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