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Fast Casino Withdrawals in Canada

Fast Casino Withdrawals in Canada

Every gambler who engages in online casino games always wants to get his/her cash as fast as possible. This has made many casino instore advance ways in which their customers can get hold of their money without delays. This has played to the advantage of a player because some even offer an instant withdrawal intending to maintain high ratings in the industry. Many people in the past have been frustrated by many gambling sites, where you win some little cash, but the withdrawal time took ages.

This has been reverted especially with the introduction of online banking, which has contributed to the fast withdrawals in the online gambling industry. The most important this is to know the best withdrawal to use, which is convenient for you. Also, the withdraw fee should be considered before choosing the method of withdrawal. A recent interview with Andrew Stone shed light to the various ways in which you can withdraw your online money in Canada, how this varies among the fastest payout casinos and how different currency options are growing in the casino industry.

Types of withdrawals and their speed used in Canadian Casinos

1. E-Wallet Withdrawal Option

In today world-walled is one of the most popular methods which includes PayPal, Skrill, Eco Card, and Click2Pay. Using these wallets, players can store their money so that when you are depositing to the casino account you can click a button and it will best be done. To make this faster, it is better to link your e-wallet with your online casino account so that the process can be faster.

When it comes to withdrawing, you will go to your casino account make your withdrawal to the e-wallet account and the funds will be transferred. When the withdrawal is made to the e-wallet, it takes three working days to reflect and some more few days to reflect in your bank. According to Andrew, this method is the safest, fastest, and more secure.

2. Credit Card Withdrawal

Many online casinos in Canada have the option of making the credit card withdrawal which is a very smooth and secure process. The process begins by giving your credit details, and then you will follow a procedure that is provided by the platform. After successfully making the withdrawal, you will have to wait for at least a week, and the transaction will have finalised.

The security of this process is guaranteed as most credit companies advanced security technologies to make sure all your money and transactions are protected. When it comes to master cards, it cannot be used in online casinos withdrawals, but mostly visa card is accepted.

3. Wire Transfers

Based on the Andrew Stone comment, He says that most Canadians uses wire transfers to make their online casino withdrawals. To use this method, trust must be established between the player and the online site that you use in gambling. This will involve you to give your bank details and wait for the transfer to be initiated by the company.

After successfully providing your bank details, your withdrawals will be available after ten days. Wire transfers can only be used for withdrawals.

Andrew added that for a successful withdrawal in Canada you first need to provide either a scanned copy or faxed copy or a utility bill to confirm you details are legit by being used in payments, your driving licence and any other document that will give a proof of your current address to verify your identity.

With the above method of withdrawing, it is good to compare the methods and choose the convenient one Using e-wallet seems faster than the other option making it better if you want your money faster in your banks account.

Playing with a different currency in Canadian casinos

Most of the Canadian casinos offer their currency in Canadian dollars with few accepting few foreign currencies. Andrew elaborated on several methods in which you can deposit your local currency into the Canadian casinos with ease.

1. Visa cards and master cards

Visa provides a platform network for credit cards and debit cards together with other financial setups at a global level. This being very popular it can be easily acquired at any local bank. With visa cards, many online casinos will welcome you to make your deposits. What happens is that you decide the amount that you want to deposit to your Canadian casino site, and it is connected to the Canadian dollar during the transfer.

2. E-wallets

This represents one of the best convenient methods of deposit, as the name suggests, your money is electronically stored, where you can transfer it to and fro of your bank. When now depositing with an e-wallet, you convert the currency to the Canadian currency, and your withdrawals are made within a brief period without any hassle.

3. PayPal

After eBay acquired PayPal, it has ranked itself as one of the most online banks in the world which offers straightforward methods of joining. In Canada, it not very popular, but that are loads of transactions that use the platform. Once you open an account, you only need to link it with your local bank, and from there you can pay your bills using it. Many online casinos if not all, accept PayPal as a method of deposit where your funds will be converted to the Canadian dollar after it hits your casino account.

4. Bank wire

This is one of the slowest processes, but it is still convenient when it comes to transferring money to the online casinos. There is a lot of safety with this method. All that is needed is to visit the local bank where you hold an account and fill a form of doing the transfer, which has your details. After this money will be transferred to the online casino that you designated it the currency that it uses. Wire transfer is longer compared to other methods.

Casino competitions to be the Quickest

When it comes to getting the money, you won in gambling the processing time has become a significant factor to many players others opting to have their withdrawal in less than a day. To keep the business satisfying its customer’s many online casinos have taken the competition to the next level by beating their rivals by being the quickest when it’s about withdrawing, some of the strategies includes

1. Account verification before pay-out processing

You will understand that the account verification is one of the most critical parts of payment; the casino must verify the customer account that takes typically sometimes. To keep competing for many casinos are opting to do this verification earlier that the time f withdrawals so that when it’s about pay-out, it will be processed fast.

2. Good payment methods

When it comes to the payment methods, it has a significant effect on the time of withdrawal as they differ from one to the other. Some method such as E-wallets has proven to be fast and effective when t comes to withdrawals. Many online casinos have beaten their rivals by embarking on the E-wallet method of withdrawing funds by their clients.

3. Pending times for withdrawals

Previously many online casinos use to hold their clients’ money to have the payer to cancel the process and use the money again in gambling where in most cases they would lose. This practice is not common as the competition has led to concentration to the customer’s satisfaction to give better services.

The essential thing According to Andrew is to do your homework very well and evaluate the casino’s capability In terms of deposits and withdrawals, pick a casino that you will be comfortable with for a better gambling lifestyle.

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