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The Most Popular Casino Games

The Most Popular Casino Games

Players are always looking for the “hot spot” when it comes to online casino games. Now, some players do get caught up in trends for online casino games. However, most players are going to go with the staple games that have been proven valuable over time.

Online Slot Games

I do not care who you are, but slot games have become the main staple for gamblers. The reason is that most online slots are simple and easy to follow. Most gamblers do not want to “breath their backs” trying to find a fun game. That is why slots are so popular. The other great thing is that slots do not require a lot of “great” skill to play. That is why online slots are so appealing. New slots get released every year. Players keep coming to play. I can see why it is an easy play to call. There are different variations of slots to choose from. You have the video slots(including the 3 and 5-reel options). You get all kinds of themes from Egyptian to the Wizard of Oz. You can also choose the more branded options(which include Batman and Rocky). You have the 3D slots and the Jackpot Progressives. Some of the winners have received cash prizes past the $10 million mark. Slow down, though. Those prizes are only given out to a select few. It is not like they have a winner every day.

Let’s Play Some Online Poker

You did not think we were going to leave this one out, did you? Online Poker has become virtually synonymous with online gambling. The benefits of playing online versus going to a land-based casino are numerous. You do not have to get out of your pyjamas to play. You can live in your pj’s all day and play(if you want to). There is an added comfort to playing in your own home. You also do not have to contend with traffic or put gas in your car. That is extra money you just saved! Players have also found the online version to be more fun. They move at a faster pace, compared to the land-based versions). You also have more variety to choose from. You kind of have to take what you are given if you go to a land-based casino. Plus, you get extra games that you would not normally get(including some of the rare, harder-to-find Poker games).

Online Blackjack

Oh, yeah. This is the good stuff right here. Blackjack is definitely not a new game, but it remains in the top 5. First of all, the rules are simple to follow. Plus, you can combine chance with skill. This is definitely a game that moves at a faster pace. Those of you who do not like fast-paced games, you might want to opt for something else online. The minimum wagers are also very low(that alone makes it a favourite among players). The one benefit is the lack of distraction. Have you ever been playing with someone who does not really understand the rules(even the most basic of concepts)? They take the dealer’s bust card. You wind up losing in the process. You do not have any of that online. There are little to no distractions unless you put them there. Blackjack is often displayed very prominently on many of the online casino sites. The reason is they want you to play. They want you to take advantage of the situation(but in a good way). Some of the best casino sites in Canada have games like Classic, Classic Gold, and Perfect Pairs.


Yes, Bacarrat makes the list too. According to many online poles, players still prefer to play Bacarrat online, as opposed to getting all “dolled up” and drive to the nearest location. The buy-ins are also very minimal(as opposed to a land-based casino in Canada). You also will have many options to choose from. Once again, sometimes you have to take what you are given at the land-based casino. Some of the online options include(keep in mind the type of software and company that puts these out)Bacarrat Pro Low and Bacarrat High. Some of these come from NeEnt and Micrograming, while others come from elsewhere(like Evolution). You can also play Punto Banco. One of the other benefits is the bonuses are much more attractive than the land-based casino bonuses. Once again, it comes down to overhead and other fees. Online casinos do not have the same bills to pay as a land-based casino.


Yes, this one is a favourite among players too. One of the (many) benefits of playing online is the hours. You can play all day and night if you want to. The land-based casino will make you get all dressed up for only a few hours. The wagers are going to be much lower with online Craps(again, low overhead). Plus, you can set the pace of the game you play. A land-based casino will force you to play Craps at their speed and level. That does not bode well for beginners. The bottom line is, Crap is much more accessible online, and you can play longer(if you want to).

One Final Game

The last game to discuss is Caribbean Stud Poker. This game is similar to five-card stud except for one main difference. You play against the house and not another player(which is convenient for people) You do not have to wait for others to show up. You can sit down to play at your own leisure. The payouts are fast and everything is super easy to follow. The basic and advanced strategies are set in a way that pretty much everyone can understand. That is why it makes our list at number six.

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